Nursing: Think in Practical way

Nursing: Think in Practical wayNursing is an exciting and challenging field to study. Nursing uses ascientific process to plan care for people in acute illnesses and teach them howto stay healthy or cope with their illness.

Nurses basically the helper of thedoctors. They assist the doctors by giving medicine, treatments, tests,injections, or draw blood as directed by the physician. They also observepatients for mental, physical, social and or emotional changes and recordchanges. There are several field of jobs that a registered nurse can go through.Nurse teachers in a community or university colleges and registered nurses whowork in a hospital are two of the examples in the field of nursing job.University and college teachers of nursing provide advanced instruction tostudents in the field of nursing.

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first, to be an instuctor, a person must be aregistered nurse with at least have a bachelor’s degree. In today’s society,teachers usually have a master’s degree. Second, their working hours variesaccording to teaching load.They usually don’t have a stable working hours.

Working hours really depends on their experiences, seniority, and performance.Their job is a contract basis only. Teachers’ contracts run between nine totwelve months in a year. Third, according to EUREKA, average community collegeinstructor pay is $3,166 per month and ranges from $2,577 to $3,990 per month.Full professors and those with many years of experience may earn from $3,833 to$5,463 per month. The top pay may exceed $6,932 per month.

Finally, EUREKAalso says that California employment by 2005 are 76,330 university and collegeare projected to be employed with 33,850 openings. Pay varies with size,geographic location, and type of institution.Registered nurses are the typical nurses that you see in a medicalenvironment or hospital. First, associate degree is the minimal step to be aregistered nurse.

The second variance, they are usually assigned a day, evening,or night shift. Generally, they work twelve hours a day three days a week.Weall know when we exceed eight hours of work, we get paid one and a half. Mostof the nurses today, they have double jobs.In that case, their salary aredoubled. The third difference between teachers is their salary. According toEUREKA, the entry pay ranges from as low as $823 to $4,330 per month.

Pay forexperienced nurses may range from $1,200 to over $5,565 per month. Top pay canrange from $1,470 to over $6,080 per month. The salary really depends onexperiences, education, geographic location and size and type of employer.

Finally, EUREKA also says that 222,430 registered nurses are projected to beemployed by 2005 with 45,220 opening in California.The most important of the categories above is the job outlook for thefuture. Based on EUREKA, I would prepare to choose registered nurses who workin a medical environment because they have higher chances to get a job in thefuture compared to teaching.

When it comes to education requirements, teachinghas a long process of time than regular nurses. When we are talking aboutfinancial matter, teaching could be better in some ways. Teaching has a highersalary than a regular nurse.

It is also not stressfull than a nurse who worksin a medical field. But what about double job, can a full time teacher handleanother job? I don’t think so (intensional). In this situation, the nurses whoprepare to work in a hospital have a big advantage from teaching when it comesto money making.English