Night Book Report – By: Andrew Siplas

Book Report NightElie Weisel
In the book Night, Elie Wiesel, the Author, and his family go through a system of horrible Concentration camps, or labor camps, where they were killed.

It all starts when the police make all the Jews stars of David For their safety . Then, all of their valuables are taken. After that, they all have to move to ghettos. There were two ghettos, a large and a small, in different parts of town, and in different shapes. Elie and his family had to go to the big one. Then they went to the small ghetto. Every day, some of the Jews have to leave, after forming ranks. They then travel to the synagogue to wait for the train. After being in the synagogue for a day, they march to the train. When they get there, Hungarian police put 80 people in a train car meant for only 30. After a long trip on the train, they arrive at Auschwitz, a brutal labor camp. Then, the SS (Nazi Police) order everyone out of the cars, leaving their stuff behind. After that, Elie and his Father were separated from his mother and sister, and Elie never saw his mother and his sister again. He did this because a man told him to say he was 18, so he wouldnt be killed. After the selection, all the men had take off the clothes and had to shave and take a dip in gasoline to disinfect them. Then, Dr. Mengele went around check them people for any diseases. All of the people who survived that, including Elie and his Dad had to get tattooed with a number, so they could see who to send out in the shipments, and who to kill. After that, they went to a room with clothes for them to wear, a sort of uniform. Then, they were assigned blocks, in which they would spend the nights. Then, the block leaders told them how the camp worked, and what they would be doing for work. They would be counting parts for radios for the Germans. This happened for a couple months, during which they got 25 strokes of a whip for finding an officer with a girl naked. Then, Elie found himself with an inflamed foot and had to go to the hospital building. Once there, he heard about being killed if you were sick for too long. He left with his father soon after, because their liberators were drawing too close for the Germans liking. The whole camp, with the exception of the hospital people, was deported to Buchenwald. I was a very awful journey, upon which Elie met few friends, some had died. They reached Gleiwitz and waited to be picked up by a train to Buchenwald. It was a long ride, 10 days, with no food, and just melted snow to drink. When they finally arrived, they were actually happy to be in a death camp. Later, his father caught dysentery and died, the camp was liberated a short time later, and Elie still lives today.

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