Nazi Play

Brandon-Hi, my brother Frank and I are about to tell you, about the walk home from school that ended our lives.

Chris- Fivel and I were upset with each other the day of October 15, 1939. We pouted at each other the whole way to school. We usually got along. But that day we weren’t. The school day was fine until the princeable interrupted our class and turned on the radio. It was one of Hitlers ridiculous speeches. We didn’t really know what Hitler was up to this time.

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Brandon- So we ignored it. Little did we know it was about the invasion of our town to round up all the jews. That morning was the last we saw of our parents. They had their own steel mill, and that was the first target for the NAZI’s. Besides this we attended Tillberg private school and grew up in Fankvurg Germany. We where pretty wealthy.

Chris- Fivel quite babaling on lets get to the story. We started home from school that evening.We saw big green trucks next to the steel-mill so we stopped walking. We thought it was the supply truck until we saw soldiers with guns in hand. We took a look around and then Fivel through me into the woods. I remember him saying Oh god its the NAZI’s.

Brandon- We saw genocide right before our eyes. Houses were burnt down and people were killed. IT was terrible. We couldn’t go any where or if the NAZI’s saw us we would be killed. We slept in the ditch culvert in the woods.We woke up to see body piled up. The town was destroyed. The Nazis where still there.

Chris- The only thing we ate was dry leaves, grass, and bark. We knew we couldn’t live for much longer. Fivel lost all feelings in his legs.

Brandon- With feelings in my legs gone I couldn’t do much. Then reality hit. We saw the SS coming up the street with search dogs. They must have been fifty feet away when they saw us. We knew we were dead.
Chris- The dog bit Fivel once and I got beat by the soldier. He cussed at us many times. We where drug to a lieutenant. And we where in pure shock. My nose was crushed and bleeding non stop. Fivel’s leg was torn apart like he was a dogs chew toy.

Brandon- The lieutenant looked at us lying there and one word came from his mouth: Trash. I couldn’t hold back, and at that point Spit on his boot. He beat me and called us garbage.

Chris- At this point we where so scared. And at age fourteen I couldn’t hold back from crying. The soldier laughed and said, oh poor baby. He then kicked me. Then the Lieutenant came and said kill them. At that point I tried to kill myself. I held onto fivels hand as they put the gun into his mouth. I got one more good bye.We where tied back to back. He put the gun all the way into Fivels mouth and pulled the trigger——————-