Nathan hale

When a country is in time of need, certain individuals rise among their people and take control, thereby becoming martyrs and heroes. During the American Revolution the colonies were in great need of leaders, and Nathan Hale stepped up and succeeded. Hale served as lieutenant and captain in the colonies’ Continental army. While on a spying mission behind British lines, Hale was captured and was hung without trial. Hale’s courage has made him one of America’s most remembered heroes.

During the war, Hale helped capture a supply- loaded vessel from under the guns of a British warship. His great courage and involvement earned him a place in a select group called the Rangers. Yet it was from Hale’s involvement in this group that led to his death.

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General George Washington asked the Ranger commander to select a man to pass through British lines to obtain information on the British position. When the commander called for a volunteer, Hale agreed to undertake the mission. Disguising himself as a Dutch civilian, Hale succeeded in crossing British lines successfully, obtaining the information needed- however he was caught. On his way to the gallows, Hale reportedly spoke the words, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

” Hale’s short life was cut short at the young age of twenty-one (1755-1776), for the country that was about to blossom.In conclusion we see that in situations where a country/colony is at time of need, such as war, certain people assume full responsibility in helping their people. Nathan Hale was among America’s most esteemed martyrs, who lost his life for his (soon to be) country – with no regret. He is truly a remarkable individual.Bibliography: