My Thoughts On Love

My Thoughts On Love My thoughts on Love What is love for? Why does it have to be just a word thrown around like a misguided sin? Why do people fall in love? Is it because they want to be hurt? If people realized that love only brings pain and heartache in the end, why bother with it? I cant stand the pain.

It has been eating at me for a while now. Love does strange things to people. I feel like im hanging on the edge of a cliff and love has pushed me off the edge. Is it easier in the long run? No! why fall in love when you know you are going to get *censored*ed over in the long run? Love isnt worth it.

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and girls wonder why guys are such *censored*s to them. did you bitches ever sit back and think about what your doing to provoke the guy to the brink of rippig your neck out with a spoon? why *censored* with our emotions? Is love just some game you play with our hearts? Life is just a game right? Hell yeah it is. It seems like love is winning and people are losing.

People have feelings. Love takes all and leaves you with empty promises and broken dreams. why go for it? Bibliography