My Past Learning Experience

My Past Learning Experience My past learning experience I will present and make comparation between two ways of how I have studied history during my highschool period.

First for the time that I studied history in Skopje, and the second time during my senior year which I have finished in United States of America, Oklahoma City. From my point of view we have different methods and techniques of studying history, which materials are more difficult and very wide in terms of history. For example, the history that I have learned is very different from the history that Im studying now. Our history is based on ours national heroes.The techniques that our school system provide is very difficult because each time when we learn about some national hero, and they are too many, we have to know everything about her/him like the book says, from beginning of the essay till the fullstop. The essays are long six to seven pages sometimes even more.

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When is time for exams is very hard, because we have to know all the material by heart which is enormous. The exams that we are taking are not written, but we have to retail the story about some hero in a verbal way. From 30 lessons the instructors are giving us 3 questions, and we have to answer everything in a perfect way in order to past the class.So as you can see we dont learn much about modern history. The first time when I came in contact to study modern history was in U.

S.A where I was finishing my senior year. I studied there various of things, from World War I to American civil war. And I realise how easy can be to study not just history, but all subjects in a practical way. I preferred the American system, because is more effective than ours it makes you to think and is more interesting in every way.

Our system is you study you forget, the American system is you study, but it remains. Thats why I think that our school system should accept the American system, and if they accepted there wont be pressure on the students. History Essays.