My life

Life can be so complicated sometimes. I don’t blame anybody wanting to leave this world. I personally would never end my life, but I can understand how some people might just not be able to take the pressure. It’s a rough world out there, and not everybody’s cut out for it.

High school is brutal. Teenagers can be the worst living beings in the universe. If you don’t have the perfect body, and straightest hair, then your not wearing the right brand name sweatshirt. It can come down to the tiniest things, and your suddenly your an outcast. If you haven’t had sex by the time your a juinor than just forget about being in conversation about anything pertaining to sex, “cause honey you just ain’t got enough experience”. Sex can be the biggest thing to do in high school. It’s everything! Everybody presures you to do it. If it’s not your boyfriend, or some stray guy at a party, then it’s your best friend saying you need to get on the ball and just let it go.

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Drugs is another big you need to watch out for. I won’t lie, I’ve smoked weed, not because I wanted to of course, but I felt presured. All my friends started doing it, and they stoped inviting me to hang-out cause they knew I didn’t do that kind of thing. So I did it, just so I didn’t feel left out.

I gave in to everything I said I wouldn’t do. Let me tell you, it doesn’t feel that much better then being left out. I don’t think I gained anything at all.Whatever you do just do let go. No matter how hard life can be, no matter how left out or okward you feel, don’t give in.

It’s not worth it. Don’t give in to the world, and don’t leave the world. Atleast not on your terms, you life is way more important then anything else. No matter what kind of life you have.