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EIS Jon Bohner
EIS Jon Bohner
Teaching, I think is a really cool and fun job, but the income is nothing to brag about. It all depends on how you do in high school; it is a good plan to keep at least a 3.5 grade point average.
The next step is to decide what kind of financial aid you want, or maybe you do not even need any. Most colleges start you out with a 2-year plan, to see if it is what you really want to do.
Then if you really get in to the swing of things, and you like what you are doing, there is the four-year plan. Most of the time, students start out in general knowledge, so they can learn a little bit in each area, and then go from there so they know what they really enjoy, and do not mind doing eight hours a day, five days a week.
It takes a lot of determination to become a teacher, that and a whole bunch of patience. Personally, I could not deal with all of the pressures that a teacher has to, dealing with the snotty kids, and the ones who are rebellious and do not listen to anybody and talk back. Then if you still have patience after that, you can go after a bachelor’s degree, the second level of college education. That is what qualifies you to move up from elementary to teaching high school.
Then if you want to go even further you can go back to school to get your graduates degree in the study that you majored in when you were in school for you bachelors degree. Then you have the qualifications to teach at major universities like Yale and Harvard. If you can not get financial aid and you still really want to go to college, you can always go into the military or work for Motorola, they both path for about eighty percent of your education, so all you really have to do is buy your books. I
EIS Jon Bohner
think that college would be really interesting, get away from your parents, go home to see them every once in a while.
If I had to pick on what to major in, to try teaching, it would not be history or geography, trying to remember all of the different countries, remembering all the important dates of when really important things happened. Following the news, and getting true information. It would be really cool though, to see the children work hard, on their way to success. Going through all the schooling necessary and keeping at your goal sounds really cool, I think it is just as tough as going through school to be a doctor, which looks really tough. I would go to school to be a teacher but I have had my eye on going to school to be a computer scientist, it looks really fun and pays a lot too.
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