My Best Friends Wedding

My Best Friends Wedding My Best Friends Wedding You never know what you have until you reach out and its no longer there. This quote was given by an unknown source. This is exactly what Jules is experiencing with her best friend Michael. Jules went out with Michael for like a month and he fell in love with her, they broke up, and he fell in love with someone else; Kimmy. Kimmy is perfect in every way, shes sweet, bright-eyed, smart, wealthy, and more.Jules does not like Kimmy that much because Kimmy is so irritatingly perfect, yet Jules is the maid of honor.

In a distinct sort of way, Jules is jealous. George, Jules editor, and gay best friend, is pretty much the only sane person in the movie. He trys to tell Jules that it wont work out, and has no chance, but she is determined. All in all, everyone in this movie has bad communication skills and should work on them. While sitting in the restaurant, Jules says to George sophomore year at Brown, me and Michael had this relationship, that lasted one hot month.

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… while she was saying this, she was twisting her hair around her finger, and kind of apprehensive about everything.Everything that you do while talking is pretty much bad commune skills. Like if you fold your arms your supposedly closing the person out that you are talking to.

But I dont think that closes people out. I think that if you sit there and roll your eyes, or if your eyes wander, thats not a good communication skills because, it makes you look like you are not paying attention to the person you are listening to. Not everyone is perfect when speaking to others but all of the characters in this movie have bad people skills.In order to perform a more productive conversation there are a few things you must remember NOT to do while speaking/listening. You should not twist your hair around your finger or eat your hair.

If you keep ringing youre hands out, you wont have any hands to ring out. Every once in a while, look at the person that you are having the conversation with, you dont necessarily have to stare at them and only them. You can also make listening noises such as ugh huh… oh yeah, mhmmm..

, I understand phrases like that will help you go far in a discussion.Every movie has a conflict no matter what, if its losing a button to a coat or losing your cat named Butch. In the movie My Best Friends Wedding, the conflict is kind of like star-crossed lovers, but they dont die. Ok, Jules is in love with her best friend Michael, but Michael is in love with Kimmy. Yes, Michael still loves Jules, but not in that kind of way. The conflict goes deeper than that though, Jules is so determined to win Michael, that she almost gets him fired from his job as a sports writer.

While Jules is plotting her ways to win Michael over, Michael is accusing Kimmy of all of this and thinking that he isnt good enough for her.Which may seem to be good for Jules, its not, because right about now, she is really starting to think and realize what she is doing is wrong. In conclusion, I think if Jules, Michael, Kimmy and George all want to be friends still, they should practice talking to themselves first and see if they really like the way they act to themselves. If they dont like what they see, well then they might want to reconsider how they act towards others while participating in a conversation. Also, if they want to stop fidgeting then they might want to tie their hands to the back of a chair or just tie them together. Anything to draw their attention their speaker.

Life is short and love is hard to come by so if you find love hold onto it and never let it go. Psychology Essays.