My Autobiography

Welcome to my life. I was born in the Red Cross hospital, MissionHills, California. My parents are from the Fiji Islands, and we areconsidered ‘pacific islanders’. I am currently a high school sophomore atValley Alternative Magnet School. My ultimate ambition in life to become amedical doctor to treat patients and to remain keenly involved in socialwelfare.My family consists of four members; my father, mother, brother, and,of course, myself.

Support is provided from all directions, whether it iseducation or career planning, assistance is constantly present.My father, Surendra Lakhan, has been part of the military personnelfor numerous years. He served in the US Army and National Guard.

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He wasenlisted in the Vietnam War in the mechanized infantry division. Surendrareceived his Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Science from BYU Hawaii,but his real objective was to be a MD and serve his fellow militaryworkforce at the VA Medical Center. Hindering his dream, he suffered amajor brain-stem stroke and just recently experienced quadruple bypass(open heart) surgery. Federal services paid the most medical expenses, buta balance was still left to burden. Now my father is classified as a DAV(Disabled American Veteran).

My mother is a charming lady. She received her diploma in the FijiIslands. Employment in data processing and accounts payable was her fieldsof work. But since my father’s stroke, she takes care of him. Any mybrother, has just turned 18, and is contemplating on whether to join theArmed Forces.I love to volunteer and look forward to it. In my past year (as mostmedical volunteer positions, unfortunately, require the age of 14 years orabove) I have attended several activities for lengthy time periods. When Ivolunteer I feel appreciated.

The American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles sponsored program,Youth In Action, offered me clerical and clinical expertise. I had manypositions held within a specified area of hospitals. I welcomed andpersonally escorted guests, greeted and welcomed everyone who entered thehospital’s doors, responded to patient call lights, signed-in patients,assisted with patient files, trained for computer systems, assisted medicalteam with patients, and served as liaison between patient families andmedical staff.Student volunteer service at the VA (Veterans Affairs) Medical Centeris immensely demanding and rewarding. If one completes a semester at theVA, they are prepared to handle virtually all social situations and duties.

I’ve made friends at the medical center, not only with doctors and nurses,but also with patients, security guards, secretaries, administrationmembers, and nearly everyone else.The Tarzana Regional Medical Center granted me with more clinical,medical activity. My previous site supervisors and school-counselor and-staff recommended me to the medical center to enter an ER Intern/Volunteerprogram. I acquainted myself with the diverse crowd. Doctors and nursesprovide me knowledge of medical trauma and doctor-patient affairs.

Overall, the various volunteer positions provided constructive socialeducation, medical knowledge, clerical practice, and clinical-medicalexperience.I tend to do activities that help the community and, in doing so, Ihelp myself. People enter the medical profession for various reasons; Iaspire to become a physician because I am allowed to utilize the medicaltools available to treat people, and perhaps simultaneously, our dream, myfather’s and I, will be fulfilled.Throughout my lifetime, of fifteen years, I have met a wide array ofpeople with differing attributes..

. none ever the same…all special.Regardless of their age, sex, race religion, national origin, and physicaldisability, my one goal is to make a remembrance of myself among us.

Either by excitement or amusement, when that individual smiles or laughs,the moment is captured. I can reach more people through practicingmedicine: a culturally diverse selection. Caring for these patients willbe gratitude its self.__________________________________- Shaheen Emmanuel Lakhan –