Tonight I attended my final concert by the Duquesne Symphony Orchestra at the Carnegie Music. Akira Endo directed the program and I must say he did a wonderful job conducting throughout the entire night. All through the concert you could see the intense concentration as he became fully engulfed in the music. As I entered the Music Hall and received my program, I noticed that Aaron Copeland wrote the first song that was to be performed and right there I became energized. Aaron Copeland has long been my favorite composer and to be treated to one of his pieces was very exciting. The song El Salon Mexico was brilliantly performed as the audience got treated to a wonderful piece performed by some brilliant musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed this song as Aaron Copeland continues to amaze me with his beautiful song writing. The next piece was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and was titled Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D Major, K.34. The spectacular flute playing of Jerome Laflamme accented this piece. He simply stole the show by his frantic yet graceful sound. I was truly impressed. The show ended with the piece Symphony No. 4 in d minor, op. 120 written by Robert Schumann. This piece had you on the edge of your seat by the different tone changes. At one point you would think the song is about to end and then at the next moment you would be overcome by the intense sound of the orchestra. It was beyond doubt a thrilling piece to enjoy. Overall, I had a wonderful time at all five concerts I attended. I have truthfully gained an appreciation and enjoyment for music.