Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing In Much Ado About Nothing, most of the characters had interesting relationships with each other. For example, Hero and Claudio, were deeply in love. Also, Don Juan, and Don John were fighting with each other. Another example was the close friendship between Benedick, Claudio, and Don Juan. But the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice was different than the others. In their relationship, they hated each other, that brought them together. Their personalities were so similar, that it made them sick of each other, but the similarities in their personalities is also what brought them together.

Benedick was a smart, good-looking, and funny guy. He was very witty, and always had a response to anyone’s comments. For example, when he was talking to Beatrice, he always had a comment to finish of the conversation. He also didn’t like the idea of marriage. Benedick thought that marriage led to the trapping of men.

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When he heard about Claudio getting married, Benedick thought that Claudio was crazy, because Benedick felt that marriage was going to change the way Claudio lived. Benedick was also very stubborn. He never wanted to give into other people’s ideas, and that was why he didn’t want to give into the idea that marriage could be a good thing in a person’s life. Beatrice was a character very similar to Benedick. She was a very independent person, and didn’t want to rely on anyone for support.

She also was very smart. She enjoyed reading poetry, and thought about things a lot. She also was against marriage. During one conversation, she even said that she would rather die than get married. Another characteristic of Beatrice was that she was very emotional. She often changed her mood all of a sudden for no apparent reason.

Also, Beatrice kept many of her feelings inside her. Sometimes she would be angry but wouldn’t show it,because she always had to feel strong, and look like she didn’t need anyone. The traits and characteristics of Beatrice and Benedick were what brought them together, and also what separated them. Beatrice and Benedick were separated because, they always thought that they had to be independent, and not need each other. Another factor that kept them from coming together was that they always fought with each other. In trying to seem strong, they were actually fighting with each other, and hurting each other’s feelings. The final thing that kept Benedick and Beatrice from coming together was that they both thought that marriage was a stupid institution.

If neither of them wanted to get married, it would be very hard for them to have a relationship. Some factors brought Benedick and Beatrice together though. First, they never got bored of each other. Because they disagreed on many issues, and were both able to argue well, Secondly, Benedick and Beatrice had very similar personalities. They both were strong and independent. They both were against marriage, and both were happier alone, or so they thought.

Finally Benedick and Beatrice needed each other. They would be bored and somewhat lonely if they didn’t have each other around, even if they were arguing. Benedick and Beatrice both had very strong personalities, and for a while it kept them from coming together. Both of them were independent, and thought that marriage was for the birds. But really both of them were lonely, but hiding it in order to look strong, and eventually with a little help, they realized that love and marriage were a great thing. Also, they both were so similar that they were the perfect match but didn’t want to admit it, and when they finally did they were much happier.

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing The Power of Opinion Confidence is a key component in the development of success. In order to reach this stability one must be a recipient of encouragement and upholding. This support creates an individuality and esteem for success. For example, in my experiences with females I have come to a vague realization that they feed off of encouragement. It seems like the focus of most of the girls that I know, is to impress. I believe this because when they are complimented, to most it will make their day.

This is how I have understood the magnitude that ones approval can make and how it is an essential element of happiness and success. In my life I have had the luxury of having a huge support group to always lift me up. This has bridged a barrier between the things that I can do and those I fail. This confidence is most evident in my basketball tenure because in my opinion basketball requires great confidence. An average basketball player needs to have a security in his skills, body, and team.

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During a playoff game my junior year, I was predominantly the sixth man or a back to the starter. In the final minutes of the game, we were trailing and my coach put me in the game. I really had no experience in situations like that but somehow I was able to defy my innate anxiety and channel the intensity on to the court. Moments later, I had two steals and sparked a team that was about to dwindle away. We almost won that game. On the bus ride home, I reflected upon the situation and saw how much strength that my coach had given me by simply putting me in.

I now place an emphasis on encouraging and making individuals feel my approval. In the summer, I work at a number of basketball camps that are all over the metroplex. During these camps, they usually put me in charge of the first graders. First graders are at the beginning of everything and they really do not comprehend what is going on. However, my job is to encourage and befriend them.

This may be the most important job at the camp. In my opinion, this is the best job in the world because I love working with kids who just want to have a good time. For example, we will be playing a game and I will encourage a kid and explain that he was doing great. He will have a priceless sparkle in his eyes. It makes me feel important to know that I can influence and allow these kids to have a great time.

Self-esteem is tremendously significant in maintaining happiness and success. This trust focuses on how one receives adoration from another individual. This assurance from the outside creates a domino effect and promotes the levitation of their esteem. In life, there are a number of things that make us fall. However, outside support and trust are two important factors for getting back on our feet.

In addition, the importance of giving support is twice as important as receiving. It is a cycle that allows individuals to rise to success.


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