Moking bird essay

Boo Arthur Radley is never understood by the people in Maycomb, just a meir shadow in their every day lives. His myth is the only spark that says he even exists. However, despite Jem and Scouts stereotypical beliefs. Arthur tries to get in touch with them. Helping Jem in need, giving them gifts, and finally saving them from attack are all ways Arthur tried to reach them.

Lets go for a walk. says Jem. (pg. 51)Jem, scout and Dill are going to the Radleys house to get a peek at Boo. As they reach the house, they are scared off by Arthurs father. In the struggle Jem loses his pants. Later when Jem comes back he finds that the pants are sewn and folded. somebody knew I was coming back for them, (pg. 58) says Jem. Arthur Radley fixed Jems pants to help and to show Scout and Jem that he is a sympathetic guy. A second time Arthur Radley helps Scout and Jem is when for the first time in Maycomb it snows. When Scout and Jem are forced out side because Miss Maudies house is on fire. Its the coldest night in a long time and Scouts starts to shiver. As Scout and Jem watch the house burn Arthur slips a blanket on Scout. Whos blanket is that.(pg. 71) says Atticus, he thinks they went and got it, I thought I told you to stay put.(pg. 71)Then Jem decides to tell Atticus about how Arthur is helping them. Atticus I swear to God he aint ever harmed us,(pg. 72) says Jem. As To Kill A Mockingbird progresses Arthurs presence becomes more promidant.
Secondly, Arthur found a way to give Scout and Jem gifts in a subtle way so no to let his father know. A large tree in front of Radleys house had a knot hole. Every day Scout and Jem walk by the tree. One day Scout finds a piece of gum. Another time they find a broken pocket watch. Finaly a third time they find soap figures of them selves. I pulled out two small images carved in soap. One was a figure of a boy, the other wore a crude dress. (pg. 59) That was the last gift because Nathan Radley cemented in the knot hole, immediately to destroy Arthurs hopes of communication.

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Finally, Arthur is showing that he cares for Scout and Jem when he risks his life to save them. After Scouts Halloween padgent her and Jem are walking home when they are attacked by Bob Ewell. Scout heard kicking sounds and sounds of flesh scraping dirt and roots. (pg. 262) This attack just happened to take place in the Radleys back yard.Arthur hears the scuffle and comes to help them. It was slowly coming to me that there were now four people under the tree, (pg. 262) thought Scout.In the fight Jem is knocked unconscious and Bob is killed by Arthur. Arthur carries Jem Home. The man began searching around, as if looking for something. I heard him groan and pull something along the ground. (pg. 262)Finally the lines of communication open. This is the first time Scout has ever seen him and enjoys his company. You can pet him Mr. Arthur, hes asleep. Go ahead, (pg. 278) says Scout. Arthur also loves the company of Scout because he asks Will you take me home? (pg. 278)Mr. Heck-Tate and Atticus show their appreciation by saving Arthur from court trouble. This saves Arthur because he would have to be tried for killing Bob. However, Mr. Heck-Tate is happy Arthur helped the children and saves him the trouble. They decided Bob Fell on his own knife. Bob Ewell fell on his own knife. He killed him self, (pg. 272) says Mr. Heck-Tate.
The mystery of Boo Radley was never explained. Why does he stay coopted up in his house? There are many theories, but one theory is his father is a strict man and didnt want Arthur to have contact with anything, witch led to the shotgun shot and cementing the tree. Arthur Radley didnt effect anyone through out most of the novel, yet one action changed every persons life in Maycomb. After killing Bob Ewell the town didnt have to bother with Mr. Ewells drunken antics and he wont be taking advantage of black people or harming his daughter. All the people in Maycomb will benefit for this loss. Mr Finch, theres just some kind of men you have shoot before you can say hidy to em. Even then, they aint worth the bullet it takes to shoot em. Ewell as one of em. (pg. 269)