Minotities In The 90s

Minotities In The ’90S When I heard the mail drop through the slot in the door, my heart leapt; I practically flew down the stairs. I pounced on the mail that lay scattered on the floor.

There, finally, was a letter for me from Iowa State University. Today’s the day, I said to myself, the day that will seal my fate. At last I would have the answer to the all-important question of whether I had been accepted at the school of my choice.I wondered where I would spend the next four years: Ames, Iowa or at home in Deerfield, Illinois. I took a deep breath, counted to three, and ripped open the envelope. Edit 4 Chicken soup, a traditional remedy for colds, is a good food to eat in winter.

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Like other hot liquids, its temperature warms the body. Chicken soup, not difficult to prepare, is made by boiling a whole chicken in about three quarts of water until the chicken is cooked fully and begins to come away from the bone.Before you bring the chicken to boil add plenty of salt to bring out the flavor. Diced carrots, onions, and celery accentuate the flavor of the broth even more.

The vegetables take another hour to cook. When they are soft enough to cut with a fork, the soup is done. Edit 1 Our college library is really great, especially since it was expanded. Not only does it numerous books on lots of subjects, but it also has plenty of periodicals, both recent and older.Research librarians are there to help answer all sorts of questions about library resources such as microfiche and the computer network. The computer system was just installed this last year.

Now we can look up an item in the library, such as a book or recent magazine, from any of the remote computer terminals located all over campus. With just a few keystrokes, we can determine whether the library owns the item and, if so, whether it is available or currently in circulation. Edit 3 1.The first witness gave an adequate report of what he saw on the night of the murder. 2.

A police officer, he was the first person to arrive on the murder scene after the 911 call was received. 3. He explained that there was no one around when he arrived.4.

The witness thoroughly explained the specifics, such as the knife and the severity of the wounds. 5. He had an accurate recollection of the scene and kept to his story even when the defense attorney questioned him. 6. When he finished testifying, he was told he could leave the stand.Many languages have influenced the development of English. One such influence came from the north in the form of Viking invaders who spoke a Scandinavian language. It appears that when these settlers became farmers and traders who were peaceful, they wanted to be able to communicate with their Anglo-Saxon neighbors.

Both groups spoke Germanic languages with similar vocabularies but with different grammar and inflection. Clearly the easiest way to smooth communication was for each group to drop the elements of their language that gave the other group difficulty.This explains why modern English lacks the elaborate systems of verb endings and gender that characterize other Indo-European languages. Edit 3 Once, Little Red Riding Hood planned to make and deliver food to her grandmother, who lived in the woods. On the way there, she ran into a wolf. The wolf asked where she was going and what she was taking. Edit 4 While maintaining subjectivity, we conducted employee reviews of gender and racial characteristics.

Despite high performance reviews for your department, we have decided to downsize the production staff by 40 percent. While we are aware of the inconvenience of this, we know you, too, will understand our need to remain competitive in our market. Your continued loyalty–and that of your staff–will ensure that our company continues to set the standard of excellence for others to follow.

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