Military Weapons

There are many types of weapons in the military. Some are vehicles, and some are guns. They can maneuver on land, sea, or air. These weapons help the military keep peace all over the world. The military right now is in Iraq to stop weapons of mass destruction.

Aircraft carriers, submarines, and cruisers are some of the weapons used to fight at sea. Aircraft carriers carry many different aircrafts. The Harry S. Truman can carry almost 5,500 people and 90 aircraft. The aircraft carriers best weapons are its planes. Another sea vehicle is the submarine. Submarines travel underwater. The Sea Wolf carries 134 people and goes 28 miles per hour. Cruisers are the fastest ships in the Navy. Some go 35 miles per hour. They have powerful guns, missiles, and torpedoes.

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Some of the land vehicles include hummers and tanks. Humvees are one of the fastest vehicles and can go high speeds over rocks and sand. Tanks are the ultimate armored vehicle. The tanks guns can destroy enemy tanks. The M1 is the best known tank in America. This tank carries four men and two machine guns. The Bradley is the Armys newest tank. It weighs about 50,000 pounds. It can carry a full squad of soldiers. A Bradley is faster than an armored tank, but can get destroyed easier.
Part of the military that plays an important role is air power. Some of this air power are planes. Naval planes have powerful weapons. They carry guns and missiles. Some carry bombs. The F/14 Tomcat is the fastest naval jet. It can fly more than 1750 miles per hour. Another aircraft is the helicopter. Navy helicopters scout for enemy fleets. They also carry supplies.

These vehicles help the military function and defend the United States. They also assist in providing humanitarian relief and protection in other countries. The militarys use of land power, sea power, and air power help to keep the world a safe place.