Micky Mantle

THE MICK In the book The Mick by Mickey Mantle with Herb Gluck, a life long dream is fulfilled. Mickey never stopped going after his dream, he was determined to achieve this dream. His dream was to become a professional baseball player.

His dream started when he was just a small boy. His life long dream would be fulfilled, and he would come to be known as one of the most respected baseball players of all time.Mickey Mantles personality was one like no other, Mickey was considered to be a truehearted baseball player. Mickeys personality was made clear when he would be the only baseball on the entire team who would sing autographs for the fans. He would go to childrens homes where the children had fatal illnesses and sign jerseys and baseballs for the kids. One of the ladies that worked there said such a simple thing, as singing autographs would make their day worth while.The theme in the book is to never give up on dream.

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Mickeys dream was to one day become a professional baseball player. Mickey was determined because in middle school he was told that he would never make it and that he didnt have the talent to become a professional baseball player. Mickey paid no attention to his teacher and kept on going after his dream.I really enjoyed reading about the great Mickey Mantle. I enjoyed how he told stories about traveling when going to games.

I was really amazed how determined he was at achieving his life long dream. I feel as if he is one of the most respected because how concerned he was about the fans. He would sign autographs for hours before games. He would try to make every fans day he once said.

I would recommend this to anyone.