Merchant Of Venice Character Diary – Shylock

Today Bassanio came up to me asking for my moneys. Later on I told him that I would lend him the moneys without any interest. I was very cautious in the repeating of his demands. Antonio is naive risking his life hoping the ships will return. I am clever because I am using this opportunity to get revenge. I made Bassanio nervous when I called Antonio a good man and they both probably knew the meaning. I’ll show Antonio when his ships fail to return. Lancelot is getting on my nerves again.

He is snail-slow in profit and he sleeps by day. My daughter seems to want to get out of the house and might be getting annoyed with me. I am sure that it is just a phase.

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Because it meant that Bassanio would lose even more of the money he borrowed I decided to attend the feast with all those creepy masks. I took no pleasure in it but I intend to ruin Bassanio. Bassanio will have all the ducats spent in no time. I forgot about my anger over my daughter’s flight when I heard about Bassanio’s ship wrecked in the English Channel. I then quickly remembered my daughters leaving when Tubal came to me with information on Jessica’s reckless spending of my moneys. My heart was broken when I heard about I exchange for a monkey, she traded the ring that was a gift from my wife to me. I should have seen this coming.

My hate turned into a disaster in only a short time today. First, Bassanio offered me double the money that was borrowed, but I was too stubborn to accept and reminded the court that the flesh was mine by law. I looked into Antonio’s eyes and he seemed to have felt that he deserved what should have come. As I was sharpening my knife, Gratiano started abusing me.

I guess I deserved what was happening but what happened next I’m not sure of. A lawyer came in and seemed to be on my side until she mentioned that I could only take Antonio’s flesh, no blood. I was shocked to hear this but I then tried to accept the double amount but knew it was too late because that wasn’t written on the bond. If that was not enough I could not just go home. The lawyer bent the law and would have taken away my life if it weren’t up to the Duke.

The lawyer took away my moneys, but even worse than that Antonio took away my religion. I was humiliated and sentenced to be a Christian, just like them.Today I was made to go to a Christian church because of the sentence. I went alone because my daughter is gone. I don’t know what to do know that my wealth is now gone. I’m sure Bassanio, Antonio and the rest of them are all having a laugh about this.

Antonio hates our sacred nation, but I hated him because he is a Christian. Now I can no longer hate Antonio for his religion.