SubjectProgress Report on Finding Resources for Research
I am doing my research on how slavery has affected the United States of America. I have read various articles from magazines, newspapers, and Internet publications to an assorted opinion on the subject. Through my research I will show what slavery has effected the Black society from the time it was supposed to end all the way to now.

The first article I read came from The Crisis magazine. The article was about how a slave owner named Willie Lynch lectured slave owners from Virginia on how to control there slaves. Lynch spread fear, distrust, and envy through his slave population. He used these methods to keep his slaves fighting among themselves so they would not have time to think about running away. This article touched me very deeply because the methods they used during slavery are still effecting the Black community. We have people die everyday because fear, distrust, and envy.Slave owners would use differences of hair, shade of skin color, if they were from East, West, North, or South, or even being tall or short. These things that hold us back today were used to hold us back even when our ancestors were slaves.
Another article I read, taken from The Crisis magazine, was about how whites committed race crimes during the early 1900’s. It was said by a man named E. Franklin Frazier that “in the late 1890’s and the early 1900’s the Negro was forced to accept a status similar to a subordinate caste in the South.” The white race still upset that slavery was abolished declared racial war on blacks. Between 1890 and 1899 one thousand and eleven blacks were said to been have been lynched by whites. In 1900 a black congressman from North Carolina by the name of G.W. White, introduced a bill that would make lynching of an American a federal crime. Being that congress was almost all white the bill died. It was said that same year about one thousand and eleven blacks were lynched. This shows how the white man’s anger of the abolishment of slavery was taken out on blacks. Slavery has caused so much pain to blacks and whites. But the white man brought it all about.

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My research of how slavery has had effects every since it ended will also include how it ended and economical effects.