Medical Research

Medical Research Outline
I. Introduction
Beep! Beep! Beep! The heart monitor beeps every time his heart does the boys face is unemotional to him its already over. As he sleeps next to him are all his family members many speechless and most in tears as they watch the 13 year old boy’s last moments. Hooked up to a breathing machine because his lungs are now useless he struggles for each breath; and yet it still monitor stillbeeps beep but, all of a sudden without notice the beeps begin to come closer and closer together and then louder to where you here it down the hallway. The beeps become increasingly so close that its almost one perpetual sound and then without notice it becomes one. The monitor’s green line that at one point in time was bouncing is now a steady flat lineAnother life lost to cancer, what a shame. Medical research is essential to our way of life everyday people just as the one that I described to you moments ago will lose their lives not just cause of cancer but because other afflictions such as AIDS, or as diabetes.

II. Medical Research saves lives
A. For example, vaccines for diseases are found only due to research
1. John F. Enders found vaccine for polio in 1954
2. Since polio vaccinations outbreaks declined from 57,879 to just a few each year
B. In addition, the American virologist Albert Sabin developed the oral vaccine
1. The trivalent oral polio vaccine (TOPV) was licensed in 1960
2. (TOPV) replaced the Salk injectable vaccine as the standard immunizing agent in the United States.
C. Furthermore, viruses like yellow fever have almost been wiped out
1. Walter Reed found that yellow fever is transmitted through mosquitoes
2. Through sanitation yellow fever was virtually exterminated since 1901
D. Due to research like this viruses such as these will hopefully never comeback
III. Some diseases can be more easily cured or eradicated
A. For example, Alice C. Evans discovered that raw cow milk has a deadly disease called bacillus’s.

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1. Now all milk intended for human consumption has to be pasteurized
B. In addition, Rene J. Dubos French-born American bacteriologist
1. Noted for his major contribution to antibiotics
2. He also developed penicillin and other antibiotics like streptomycin and tetracycline’s.

C. Furthermore, scientist Ferdinand Cohn
1. Discovered the nature and principal of bacterial spores
2. One of his most famous findings is that of anthrax
D. Where do you think we would be without the research these people have done?
IV. The medical research we do helps us in the long run
A. For example, the FDA
1. The FDA helps protect us from drugs that could potentially hurt not cure humans
2. Drugs like Vioxx have been taken off the market because they have been linked to heart attacks and stroke
B. In addition, AIDS
1. Research on AIDS has brought more awareness on how it is transmitted
2. Also research has produced drugs that can delay the onset of symptoms
C. Furthermore, more research needs to be done on diseases like cancer and AIDS
1. Today there is currently no cure for AIDS
2. Also there is still no cure for Cancer
D. Without medical research diseases like Cancer or AIDS will probably never be cured!
V. Conclusion
More and more medical research needs to be done to eliminate diseases, viruses, and regular illnesses like the common cold.
A middle aged women turns on the light to her restroom and brushes her teeth. She gargles with mouth was for 30 seconds and spits it out. She’s just waking up after a long day at work; she didn’t even get back home from the office until ten o’clock that night. Now at six she gets ready for another long day. But, today its different she stops and looks in the mirror she notices after all this time she has wrinkles; not just one or two a lot so many it makes her thirty-five year old face look more like sixty. But, thanks to medical breakthroughs in beauty and diseases in only twenty minutes she can look ten to fifteen years younger. I believe that there should way more agencies or places where medical research is being done; not just to help aging wrinkly women but, to help people with much larger problems like Cancer or AIDS; if in the sixty’s and fifty’s we can come up with vaccines for things like polio and such in the 21st century with all the technology we use can use to pin point a persons head from the sky and blow up Osama’s cousins ; I believe we should be able to come up and cure all types of diseases and viruses all the way down to the common cold or cough