.. thrown away) .a harmony between the crew has to exist in order to satisfy the customer needs When there is a lot of traffic (the restaurant is full) it is easier to produce the product in a better Quality. The difficult part is when it is a slow day part in this case the employees have to entertain the customer so that he will not feel board. 2. Drive trough We have only one lane but it has to be very wide in order to have two cars or if one car wants to leave the line.

We have to provide good and quick service The stand has to be equipped with a mic in order to make the order, when the client reaches the second window the meal should be ready to be delivered. Drive through gets 35% more sales than any restaurant as it has accessibility and good service The disadvantage of the drive through is the big size of the required building which will increase the capital needed. a. Delivery Delivery refers to how well the product or service is delivered to the customer it includes speed accuracy and care attending the delivery process, buyer will often choose a supplier with a better reputation for on time delivery. 1. Home delivery We try to make a good service so the consumer can receive a hot meal in a short time (unfortunately the food is better sold at the shop).

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To do so we make sure that all the outlets conduct delivery service to the decrease the radios of each restaurant (to offer more quality and standard to the product) Usually we have two to three lines with waiting calls and around five to ten motorcycles. We have also more drivers than the number of motorcycles to make sure that if one did not show he will be immediately replaced We make the deliver takes only one order per time so that the food we be hot and quick To avoid any error in orders we make the employee repeats to the customer the product ordered. We are now working on a one number for home delivery to make it easy to remember when you call McDonald’s (Dial 30 30 30 3 from anywhere in Egypt) b. Miscellaneous Companies can find other ways to differentiate customer services they can offer product warranty, establish awards… ECT LSM Local store market We try to provide inside McDonald’s the best experience and some time we provide a local neighborhood entertainment to make it more pleasant to the guests (entertainment in Shoubra is different than Heliopolis).

We also offer Music, Karaoke, competition, special hours, and happy hours To make our guest enjoys his stay a Mcdonald to the maximum. We also provide B.O.G. (be our guest) card. V. Personnel differentiation: Companies can gain a strong competitive advantage through having better trained people In an age when competitors can knock off products or services in an instant, some savvy companies are marketing their employees. We screen people before we enroll them and we give them the proper local and international training and on job training. All job skills are taken into consideration as competence and how to be accurate to customer requests.

Courtesy and friendliness are very important aspects in the personnel, Credibility is expected from the crew to match customer expectation by providing good service and also reliability, responsiveness are also very important to serve the client immediately with his order. The greater the responsiveness in a fast food business the better image and the frequency of repeat visits by the same customer are achieved. Communication is important between the crew and the mangers to provide better, fast service to customer. Communication between the staff and the customer VI. Image differentiation Byers respond differently to company and brand images.

Identity and image needs to be distinguished. Identities compromise the ways that a company aims to identify or position itself or it’s products. Image is the way the public perceives the company or the product. Images is affected by many factors beyond the company’s control An effective image does three things: 1.establish the product’s character and value position conveys this character in a distinctive was so as not to confuse with competitors divers emotional power beyond a mental image A. Symbol Images can be amplified by strong symbols as al lion, apple…

ECT A brand can be build around a famous person; companies may also choose a color identifier such as blue, yellow. Alternatively, a specific piece of sound, even reproduce logos of most admired companies. Every brand portraits a special image in people mind that is why brand advertising is very important not only product advertising We have to pay for the brand, this means special market and special media with the best quality artwork B. Media The chosen image must be worked into ads and media that convey a story, a mood, and a claim. It should appear in annual reports, brochures, the company stationery, and business cards. What we do is that we have a market calendar for the year shows all the activities and plans for the different targets (Value, kids .. .

Etc) I.e. Ramadan is a very good time for advertising (the Bay). We do the market plan and the media plan (we determinate the budget for the whole year: I.e. 🙁 upsize with Combo) in January and the media will be TV (Channel 1 or Channe2) and press (Al Ahram, Noss El Donia) The choice of media depends on how you want to approach the customer as every body has his way to cover the market. C. Atmosphere The physical space occupied by the company is another powerful image generator.

We like to believe that we offer a very special experience to our customer with a fast friendly courteous and always with a smile. We provide as much as we can play land for the kids to assure a frequent visit of the kids with their parents. Kids are very important as they represent with their parents an important potential of customers. We always ensure a non-smoking area to please the family atmosphere The LSM with events (special birthday parties) I.e. A television for an important football match VII.

Conclusion Marketing Essays.