May 27, 1922

Dear Journal,
Today I visited my cousin Daisy and her spouse Tom Buchanan. I went to college with Tom at Yale. I do not know them very well.I thought that I would pay them a visit anyway. They live across the bay in East Egg. When I arrived they showed me around their place and introduced me to Jordan Baker, a professional golfer. Tom and Daisy left me and Jordan alone for a while and she told me about Tom having a mistress. She was surprised that I did not know about Tom and his mistress. That really surprised me when I saw the way he acted around her. Also, I could not help from glancing at Jordan. I would not mind getting to know her a little better. Jordan mentioned something about my neighbor, Gatsby. When she said Gatsby, Daisy wondered about whom she was talking.. Jordan must go to some of those big parties he has there. I wonder what Tom, Daisy, and Jordan are really like.

When I came home from the Buchanans house I saw Gatsby, for the first time, staring out into the bay. Gatsby seems to be very mysterious. He must be very outgoing with all of those big parties he has. If I ever make it over to one of his parties I would like to meet him and see what kind of guy he is.
May 30, 1922
Dear Journal,
Yesterday Tom and I went into the city. I got to meet his mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is a chunky person that has a special kind of an effect on people with the way she acts. She is very bossy to other people and acts like someone that is not her. She tells her husband, George Wilson, that she goes into the city to see her sister, Catherine. She believes that George has know idea of the affair. Tom knows George because he is going to sell him his car. Myrtle Wilson is not the person she wants to be.

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Tom and Myrtle met up in the city and we decided to go to their apartment. On the way there she saw a dog that she liked so Tom bought it for their apartment. When they arrived at the apartment Myrtle decided to have a party, so she called up her sister and the people in the apartment below them, the McKees. They all got really drunk and I felt really out of place. The whole night I just wanted to get out of there.

The party suddenly ended when Tom broke Myrtles nose. She made him mad by saying Daisy.” It seems as Tom treats Myrtle more like a possession that someone that he could love. I am really surprised how open he is about having a mistress. I do not understand why he showed me because I am Daisys cousin. I just do not understand the way some people act.

June 3, 1922
Dear Journal,
Tonight I went to a party at my neighbors house. His butler came over today with an invitation and I decided to go at the last minute. When I got to his house I did not know anyone there, so, I went around asking people if they knew where the host was and no one seemed to know. I went outside and then ran into Jordan Baker. Then, we both looked for Gatsby and ran into a drunken man in his library that was amazed because his books had words in them. After a while we gave up looking and sat down at a table. Then, I started talking to the man sitting next to me. I asked him if he knew the host and he said he was Gatsby. After we talked to Gatsby for a while he left for some reason. Then a minute later his butler asked Jordan if she would speak with him privately. After they were done talking I said goodbye to them and went home. As I was leaving I saw the man that was in the library wrecked his car. The wheel fell off and he was so drunk he did not know what happened.. That party was very interesting.
It seems as if Gatsbys parties are full of drunk people that take advantage of his hospitality. I heard all kinds of different things about him tonight and I kind of doubt that they are all true. It seems that there are many people that take advantage of Gatsbys hospitality and he does not seem to mind.

July 25, 1922
Dear Journal,
Today Gatsby and I went into the city. On the way there he told me about his past. In New York, we met Gatsbys friend, Meyer Wolfshiem, for lunch. Mr. Wolfshiem is a Jewish man with Mafia connections. Gatsby told me that he was the guy that fixed the 1919 World Series. That makes me wonder what kind of guy Gatsby really is. Also, Mr. Wolfshiem mentioned something to me about a business gonnegation and Gatsby answered for me, Oh, no, this isnt the man! As we were leaving I saw Tom Buchanan, so I approached him.. He saw me and walked towards me. I wanted to introduce Gatsby to him but he walked away. There are many things about Gatsby that make me wonder.

In the afternoon I met Jordan at the Plaza Hotel. She told me about Gatsby being in love with Daisy. She told me about how she first met Gatsby when he was in the army back in 1917. Also, she told me about her wedding and how she received a letter from Gatsby the day before and wanted to change her mind. Then Jordan told me about how Gatsby wanted me to invite Daisy over for tea. I guess Gatsby wants Daisy to see his house. So I will probably have Daisy over sometime soon.
July 27, 1922
Dear Journal,
Today I had Daisy over for tea so Gatsby could meet her. Gatsby was really nervous. He did all sorts of things so that she would be impressed. He waited for about an hour and then thought that she was not coming. Then, a few seconds later she arrived and we both jumped up when we heard her pull in the driveway. When I took her into the living room Gatsby was gone. A little later Gatsby knocked on the door. When I opened it he was so pale. She seemed happy to see him. We stayed at my house for a little while then he wanted to show her around his place. When we got to his place it seemed as if he was showing off. He showed off his house as it was a museum. Then when we got to his bedroom he started showing her his clothes. After I stayed with them a while at his house, I went home and left the two of them alone.
It seems as if Daisy was happy to see Gatsby. I do not feel too bad about this whole thing because Tom is cheating on Daisy. I wonder if she still has a thing for Gatsby or if she is still in love with Tom.
August 3, 1922
Dear Journal,
Tonight Tom and daisy came to one of Gatsbys parties. It seemed as Daisy was around Gatsby a lot more than she was Tom. Gatsby showed them around, trying to impress Daisy with all the celebrities there. Tom asked me if I knew what Gatsby did and he assumed that he was a big bootlegger. Daisy did not enjoy the party, she does not like being around all the drunk people. It seems as if Tom has the impression that Gatsby and Daisy have something for each other. I do not think he likes the idea of Daisy running around alone. He is probably going to watch over her a lot more closely from now on.
September 1, 1922
Dear Journal,
Today Gatsby and I went to the Buchanans house. Tom and Jordan were there as well as Daisy. It seemed like Daisy was very open to her relationship with Gatsby. I think that Gatsby believes that Tom is nothing to Daisy and she will leave him anytime. They have a baby together and that means nothing to him. Eventually, daisy decided that we should go to the city. Tom, Jordan, and I rode in Gatsbys car, and Gatsby and Daisy went in Toms car. It was obvious to Tom that Daisy did not want to ride with him.

On the way there we needed gas so we stopped at George Wilsons place. Tom and George talked about the car. George said he was moving West, whether his wife likes it or not. It seems like he had a pretty good idea that she was cheating on him. I looked up in the upstairs window of the shop, and saw Myrtle staring down at Jordan with a death look. She must believe that Jordan is Daisy. Tom said bye to George and we got back on our way again.
Once we got to New York we went to the Plaza Hotel. We got a room and they started making some drinks. Then, all of the sudden, Tom and Gatsby got into an argument over who Daisy loves. Daisy had to make a choice and chose Tom. Gatsby still believes that she does not love him. Anyway, Tom told Daisy to leave so she left with Gatsby in his car.
On the way home, Myrtle Wilson ran out in front of them. Daisy was driving to fast to stop and could not avoid her so she just ran over her. They did not stop because Daisy was worried that she might have to go to jail. When Jordan, Tom, and I were going home, we saw where the accident happened. Myrtle Wilson was dead and George was very upset. We went back to the Buchanans and I had enough of them. I just called a taxi and went home. Gatsby was at the end of their driveway, as I was leaving. He was making sure Daisy was being treated right. I said bye to him and went on home.

These people are so selfish. They do not look out for anyone but themselves. Now a woman is dead but it is no big deal to them. It seems as Tom and Gatsby are making me choose sides between them. I really do not like it all that much out here.
September 5, 1922
Dear Journal,
Yesterday Gatsby was found dead by his pool. He was shot to death by George Wilson. Georges body was found in Gatsbys yard. George must have shot Gatsby thinking that he killed Myrtle and then killed himself. Tom probably had something to do with it too. He probably told George where Gatsby lived and did not tell him that it was really Daisy. I tried to call Daisy today but the person I talked to said they had left and they packed bags. Three are dead now and they have left the country because they do not want to be involved. I thought that maybe these kinds of people were better than this. But, when something bad happens they hide behind their money to make themselves feel better. I wonder how Gatsbys funeral will be. I bet that no one will show up to it.. I wonder if he made up that his family was dead.
September 8, 1922
Dear Journal,
Today was Gatsbys funeral. Gatsbys father, Henry Gatz, told them to postpone the funeral until he arrived. He was there to see his son, James Gatz, not Jay Gatsby. The only other person to show up was Owl Eyes.” He was the drunk guy in Gatsbys library that was amazed that his books had words in them. Klipsringer called, but he did not care that Gatsby was dead he just wanted a pair of shoes that he had left there back. Meyer Wolfshiem did not want to come because he did not want to become mixed up in things with his death. I could not get a hold of Daisy to tell her about his death. . So, the only people at his funeral were his father, Owl Eyes,” and myself.
I am going to move back to Chicago where things are normal pretty soon. I am tired of the way people are out here. I thought maybe it would be kind of nice to have a lot of money, but I do not want to end up like these people. I really do not care to see Tom or Jordan again. I have had enough of them.