Matthew Chapter One

.. liography MATTHEW – CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION: Matthew begins with a geneology 1. From Abraham, the progenitor of the Jewish race, to David the king (vss. 1-6) 2. From Solomon the king, to the Babylonian captivity (vss.7-11) – a turning point in Jewish history 3.

From the Babylon captivity, to Joseph (vss. 12-17) – this Joseph is Mary’s husband 4. The genealogies were very important documents a. The New Testament rest upon its accuracy b.It establishes Christ of the line of Abraham and David – Abraham puts Him in the Jewish race – David puts Him on the throne The genealogy in Matthew is of Jesus on Joseph’s side – Luke on Mary’s side Verse 1 A. The Book of the generation of Adam – Gen.5:1 is the only other place this term is used 1.

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How did we get into Adam’s family? physical birth 2. It is generations of death (Rom.5:12) B. The Book of the generation of Jesus Christ 1.How do we get into this family? Spiritual birth (John 3:3) 2. It is a generation of life 3. All are born into Adam’s family; all must be born again to be in Jesus’ family C. The Son of David presents Christ as King (anointed one; Messiah, Who will set up a literal kingdom) D.

Son of Abraham, who was the progenitor of the Jewish race Verses 2-6 – Note some interesting things in this geneology: A.Names of women – Note these are all Gentile women 1. Thamar – a Canaanite who was Judah’s wife (Gen.38) 2. Rachab (Rahab) – a Canaanite (Joshua 2) – She was a believer and is in Hebrews. 11 (Faith Hall of Fame) 3.

Ruth – a Moabite (the whole Book of Ruth is about her) a.She is a lovely person, who became a Jew b. Married Boaz – King David came through this line 4. Bathsheba – a Hittite whom David had the affair with – King Solomon was born of her B.

God loves and can use all is the lesson here Verses 7-10 – Genealogy continues Verses 11-16 A. Jechonias is an interesting person 1.He was an exceptionally wicked king, and because of this God said that none of his seed would sit on David’s throne, though he was in David’s kingly line (Jeremiah 22) a. Joseph, Mary’s husband, was in this line, but he was not the natural father of Jesus b.

Joseph gave the legal title to Jesus because he was Mary’s husband – therefore, Jesus is not the seed of Joseph nor Jechonias 2. Both Joseph and Mary had to be from the line of David, and they were – through two different lines, from two different sons of David B. Can see the wisdom of God here Verse 16 – makes it very clear that Joseph is not the natural father of Jesus – He was virgin born (Emmanuel – God with us) Verse 17 – Matthew puts the geneology into three major groups: A.Abraham to David – 14 generations B. David to Babylonian captivity – 14 generations C.

Babylonian captivity to Christ – 14 generations D. Some left out to get the 14 generations, because the only generations important are the ones which concern Christ Birth of Christ Verse 18 – tells how this birth happened A. It was a miraculous virgin birth B.

It was of The Holy Spirit 1. All of The Holy Spirit 2. God did not need Joseph’s sperm nor Mary’s egg Verse 19 – we see the grace of Joseph, and his love for Mary here A.The Law says to stone her – the evidence could not be denied B. He would keep this matter from the public eye Verse 20 – God sets his mind at ease – note this birth is of The Holy Spirit Verse 21 – Jesus means Savior in Greek as Joshua in Hebrew Verses 22-23 A. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies and promises – there were over 300 prophesies fulfilled B. In verse 23, Isaiah 7:14 is quoted – this is an important prophesy for it speaks of the deity of Christ 1. Emmanuel means God with us – Note I Timothy 3:16 (Christ was never called; Jesus is Savior, Who became Emmanuel) 2.

Virgin – no human father – denotes Deity a.Hebrew for virgin is almah – example: Rebekah is called almah before she married Isaac b. When the Septuagint was being translated (Hebrews.

to Greek), all 70 translators translated the Hebrews. almah to the Greek parthenos, which means virgin – example: Athena was the virgin goddess of Athens; her temple was called the Parthenon because parthenos means virgin 3. Can be saved and not know much about Jesus, but you cannot be saved and deny the virgin birth MATTHEW – CHAPTER TWO Wise Men Verse 1-2 A.

When Jesus was born, wise men came from the east – the tradition of three probably came from the three gifts.- more than likely there was a caravan B. They came to worship The King whom the star led them to. – there is much speculation concerning this mysterious star 1. One view – this was simply a miracle star 2.

Another view – from the prophecy of Balaam in Numbers 24:17.3. Both of these combined could be true. Verses 3-7 A. Herod was troubled because he did not want the competition; in fact he would not tolerate it. 1. A very wicked family who bought their position from Rome. 2.

They are often referred to as the first century mafia. B. Herod demanded from the priest and scribes where this King was to be born – they had the Scriptures to tell him. C.

They read to him Micah 5:2 Verse 8 – Sent them to Bethlehem A.They traveled by camel, not jet (probably took many months) B. Herod said he wanted to worship Him, really wanted to kill Him Verses 9-10 – No doubt a supernatural star, they were glad because of the Savior Verse 11 A.

They came to a house, not a stable and manger – they saw a young child, not a baby B. They worshipped Jesus, not Mary – Mary was a great lady, Religion Essays.