Here is the essay I think the uploader strung the sentences together so theparagraphs are in one long line: As the world’s technological capabilities reachincreasingly impressive new heights, we are faced with new problems caused bythese new technological capabilities. Along with these newfound problems, suchas the now infamous Y2K, come the latest futuristic prophecies about the world’sdamnation due to the new technologies. Thus is the need for, and theory behindthe movie Matrix. The Matrix explores unthinkable realms of computer worlddomination, human cultivation, and a specious reality so profoundly usingexceptional writing by brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski.

This thought provokingscreenplay is based on the premise that cyberspace is becoming far too much thecenter of our existence. Additionally the Wachowski brothers play on the ideathat the line between reality and virtual reality is getting a little too thin.These ideas are so farfetched and mind-boggling that they lead one to stop for asecond to question one’s own sense of reality. This questioning of reality is abyproduct of the brilliant filmmaking used to captivate the audience for anincredible two and a quarter hour journey. While watching The Matrix, the pulseis quickened, the eyes are dazzled, and the brain is twisted beyond recognitionseveral times over. One’s eyes are dazzled incessantly by numerouscomputer-generated special effects. Among these aesthetically pleasing scenesare the action packed martial arts scenes featuring the “alwayslovable” Keanu Reeves. Although one is predetermined to question Reeves’comic book-like kung fu sequences, on must sit back and be amazed by thebrothers Wachowski filming methods.

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The Wachowski’s filming methods allow themto slow down sequences to show moves and actions normally made impossible by thelaws of physics. Additional scenes depict bullets as they are slowed down to acrawl while the audience takes the vantage of the depth-defying charactersdodging these bullets. The audience watches as characters leap buildings andvirtually fly in hair- trigger quick movements that Hollywood was incapable ofdepicting just two or three years ago. Simply put the visual display isindescribable. The Matrix’s visual barrage should propel the art of filmmakinginto the next millennium.

In addition to the exceptional writing and visualdepiction, the Matrix offers commendable acting. As an action movie, the Matrixis not asked to have any dramatic performances. It’s simply expected to haveexplosions, disastrous chases, and gun-driven violence, yet many of the actorsgive surprising performances. The before mentioned Keanu Reeves, gives anexcellent performance as the geek-gone superhero, Neo, considering his resume’of painful performances.

Additionally, Carrie-Anne Moss gave a respectableperformance as Trinity, the behind kicking beauty. Also Lawrence Fishburne, castintelligently as Morpheus, brilliantly plays role of a futuristic Yoda trying toget Neo to realize his potential as humanity’s savior. These performancescoupled with a career- defining performance from Hugo Weaving, the dark suited”Men in Black” detective-type, add a dramatic flair to this alreadypromising movie. In conclusion, Andy and Larry Wachowski combine ingeniouswriting, innovative filming, and good performances from a well-selected cast, tomake The Matrix more than just a movie, but rather an experience.