Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King The person whom I respect who fought for what he believed is a person whom we celebrate every year, on the third Monday in January. He was an American Clergyman and Nobel Prize Winner, one of the principal leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement and a prominent advocate of non-violent protest. That is right, it is Martin Luther King Jr. The reason I admire this man so much is for everything he has done for this country, in the way of racism. It amazes me to see how one person challenged the segregation and racial discriminations in the 1950′ and 60’s and helped convince White Americans to support the cause of the Civil Rights in the United States. For one man to become a symbol of protest in the struggle for racial justice.After his passing to show how racism really is still out there and needs to be desegregated. I admire how he used nonviolent protests to get his view points across about racial issues.

Martin Luther King Jr’s public speaking abilities gave him the strength and courage to fight non-violently for what he believed. I feel that he was a great person who was changing the society for the better of all human beings. Although he went through some rough roads, like his house being bombed.

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Martin Luther King Jr. did not give up. Hw went on about what he believed and continued his marches, demonstrations, and boycotts. To me Martin Luther King Jr.

, if not assassinated in the Spring of 1968 (April). He probably would have made the United States even a better place than it is now on racial issues.I look to him as a wonderful person who never gave up in what he believed, and died for doing so. I find it unbelievable that the King came to represent black courage, and achievement, high moral leadership, and the ability of Americans to address and overcome racial divisions. Even though he criticized the United States foreign policy and poverty, he soared above all and became a historical figure among the country. Martin Luther King Jr.

is one who I will admire always.He was a great and remarkable individual who fought for the rights of Black. I applaud him for fighting and dying for what he believed in. And most of all, I respect all that he has changed for the United States with his marches, demonstrations, and boycotts. America lost a great person, but has gained a lot for his fight against racism.

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