Macbeth..Who Killed Duncan

MacbethWho Really Killed Duncan ?Who really did kill Duncan? This has been a question asked by many historians of Shakespeare. There are many theories that have developed over the years. Some say it was MacDuff, Lady Macbeth, or even Duncan’s own two sons.

I have developed my own theory on the death of Duncan, and am about to explain it to you.My opinion is that Macbeth never killed Duncan. Yes he was in the room with the dagger, but he did not have the guts to carry out the treasonist act. Macbeth was very loyal to his king, and had no reason to kill him.

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Maybe he became a little ambitious after the witches gave him his prophecy. Macbeth was not ambitious enough to sneak into Duncan’s bedroom and then actually kill the king. What really happened was Malcolm one of Duncan’s sons got to his father before Macbeth could. When Macbeth walked in to the bedroom Duncan was already dead. Macbeth turned him over to find his wife’s dagger right threw the good kings heart. Macbeth pulls the dagger out, thinking it was his wife who had killed Duncan, getting blood all over his hands. When Macbeth went back to his room to talk to his wife, she didn’t give him the chance to explain what he had seen, and she ran off to frame the guards.

This is when Macbeth cleaned off the dagger, put it back in its proper place, and didn’t say another word to Lady Macbeth about what he had seen. The next morning when the king was found dead, Malcolm and Donaldbain fled to different countries because they were scared. Macduff was supposed to find Lady Macbeth’s dagger imbedded in Duncan’s body. There was no dagger whish made Malcolm very uneasy. Malcolm had a different reason for running he was the true killer of Duncan. Donaldbain just ran because he thought he was going to be the next one to go. Macbeth thought that his wife was the killer, because of the dagger.

Lady Macbeth thought that Macbeth had killed the king because of all of the blood on his hands and clothes.So in conclusion the death of Duncan was a true conspiracy. All of the historians are wrong; it was not Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, or even Macduff. It was Malcolm because he was tired of his father’s ways and wanted to rule the land. He is the true killer, and perhaps maybe one of the first great con artists. Shakespeare Essays