” If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t you’re right.

“—–Maya AngelouThey say life is a fortune cookie with your future inside of it waiting to emerge. I believe this is true, but five years ago, I would not have cared. Five years ago, I was thinking about the present time. I was not interested, thinking of, or even caring about anything that was going to happen in the future.

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My plans consisted of whom I was going to flirt with, or whom I was going to fight. My main problem was ignorance. I knew waht I had to do to become someone in life, but since that day seemed so far away, I ignored it. I thought I was too young to start trying.

I thought that person could never be me.Five years ago I was in the sixth grade. At that time I was determind to be the most popular person in school.

A year after that, as I matured, things began to change. An event which occured in the summer of my seventh grade year changed my life. It also changed the way I thought about life. I recieved a phone call from a teacher whoose name is Mrs.

Bell. She is the most patient, kind, and heart-warming person I have ever met. We had a short conversation about life at school, and then she told me the news. I was chose out of 180 students to be in the first class of AVID, at Sullivan Middle School. I was astounded and tremendously proud, but the first question I asked was, “Why me?” Without any hesitation Mrs. Bell replied, “Because you deserve it.”When school started, I felt proud and confident. I felt like I amounted to something.

I felt like I was someone important. As soon as I stepped on the campus, my attitude changed entirely. That inner person who was who has always been inside me was controlling my thoughts and actions, but because of my stubbornness, I had kept so confined. As I roamed through the halls (finding my classes without a problem), I felt I was on top of the world. I was in eighth grade, I was popular, I was class president, the only girl on the football team, and the fastest girl in school.

When I thought about all those things, I knew I amounted to something. I knew that I was somebody. Everyday I reminded myself that from this day on, what I do now will effect my future. With AVID as my backbone I became a college bound student.

At the end of my eighth grade year, I had one C and the remainder of my grades were A’s and B’s. I later joined a program called Upward Bound. From the start of my eighth grade year I learned many things about myself and about life.

What I learned about life is where there is a will there is a way. What I learned about life is I have the strength power, ability, and skill to become successful, but neither is any good if you don’t apply it. The thing that is always going to hold you back from achieving your dream and overcoming your obstacles is your attitude. My Only Obstacle Must Be My Attitude.”If you think you can you can. If you think you can’t you’re right.”———Maya Angelou