Lyric Poetrythe Courage My Mother Had

Lyric Poetry-The Courage My Mother Had The definition of lyric poetry- relating to a category of poetry that expresses subjective thoughts and feelings. The first paragraph explains the basic components of a lyric poem, which mainly consists of the poets strong emotions in the poem. The second term tells the poetic terms and devices and describes how they play a role in lyric poetry.

The final paragraph explains how I fit into the poem. The Courage That My Mother Had falls into the category of lyric poetry because of the strong emotions and poetic devices located throughout the poem. A lyric poem is created with two basic elements in mind- a subject, and the poets feeling towards that subject.

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For example, in The Courage That My Mother Had the poet expressed many strong feeling through the girl at her mother and her mothers courage. She is proud of her mother, yet she almost seems envious of her courage. She also seems a little angry that her mother has so much courage and she has so little. So the feelings in this poem are a main regard at recognizing the poem as a lyric. The poetic devices play a key role in describing the poem as a lyric because it can emphasize the feelings throughout the poem. For example, Millay used metaphors describing the mothers courage as granite.

Granite, being an extremely tough stone, signified that the mothers courage was also incredibly tough and hard to break. Here, the poetic terms also describe the poem as a lyric. I believe that I would like to be someone in life. I would want to better myself by adding a part or trait of someone else. I think it is invaluable for a person to be able to incorporate others.Poetry Essays.