Be Loyal is to be faithful to ones friends , principles , country , school , job , etc.

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Loyalty is a tenet that everybody have , animals have it too . Gorillas are a clear example of it . In Africa these great apes live in group . As many as thirty gorillas may live
together, but there are more likely to be from six to seventeen animals in a group . The
group always include at least one full-grown male that by this time has grown a saddle
silver hair on his back . Whithin the group there are often one or more younger black back
males , a few females , and a number of youngsters and infants . A mature silverback at
least twelve years old is their leader . This enormous gorilla decides when and where the
group travels , feeds , rests and sleeps . The leader is the chief protector of the group .
When danger threatens , the others usually slip off , leaving the silverback behind to warn
and repel the invader . They rarely fight . Females gorillas may scream at each other – and
perhaps even scratch and bite lightly . At such times glare from the silverback is enough to
restore the peace . A stare or nudge from the leader also keeps the males behaving . With
infants , even the firmest leader is often easygoing . He allows them to pull his hair , punch
him , and crawl all over him . Once when a little gorilla leaned against a huge silverback ,
the male grabbed a long-stemmed flower and tickled the infant with it . Babies are in fact ,
popular with the entire group . Male and female gorillas hug and play with them much the
way we do with human babies .

Females move up in rank when they become mothers . If one wants a better place to sit , a
childless female will move over for her . Or a female without little ones will play baby-
sitter while a mother eats or naps .
The jungle exposes all animals to dangers , even the mighty gorilla . These great apes
climb trees carefully , but now and then they misjudge the strength of the branches and
fall. They also get injuried by running into sharp , pointed branches . When they can , they
treat their own wounds . They lick the broken skin and pull the hair from the injured area .
If they cant reach it , another animal in the group will care for the wound .

In this group of gorillas we can appreciate a family loyalty . We see how loyal the leader is
to his family and the family to his leader . Inside a family is the same , the loyalty from the
children to their parents and vice versa . We care about our family s members and we
always try to take care of them . The same thing happen in our Dojan , we are like a family
that take care of each other . We are loyal to our teachers we trust in our teacher and they
trust in us . We are loyal to our classmates , we care about them , that why we try to help
them to learn , to improve and to practice good .

“No man is an island , entire of itself …” (John Donne). I particularly find
frienship as a good example of loyalty . The contemporary saying “people need people” is
a way of expressing our need for association with friendly others . From birth to death we
need the nurture of other humans ,and nearly everything we do is affected by what
responses we anticipate and receive .

As we move from place to place , from relationships to relationships , from job to job
(from school to school), often far away from home , we desperatey need some trusted
friends . Our survival depends on finding ways to treat strangers and be treated by them
with kindness , compassion , and benevolence – in short , as friends . What , then , are the
qualities of a friend ? I know the feeling I have when I am with one . It is “I belong here” .
Seeing a good friend is like going home , or like tasting Mothers cooking. I feel secure
,and need not protect myself . “Here” , I say , “it is safe , for I am loved” , thats how I
feel now each time I cross my Dojan s door . However , it is not onlly the survival of our
species that depends on our capacity for making friends , but our individual survival as
well . Our cities are becoming unlivable because of what individuals do to each other.
Resident and others forms of individual violence . People who are in the way are treated as
objects to be destroyed , no more than inanimate interferences . And even when there is no
threat of violence , we al still must be nurtured by caring others in order to continuity in
our urban landscapes , without them we would starve . Yet , there is an important element
of selfishness in all friendships , even if that does not appear to be so . We like our friends
because of how they make us feel and because there is some mutual advantage to having
them . Even in the apparent altruism of helping a friend , there is an element of selfishness
, for in doing so I feel good.
I asked one friend for his definition of friend . “Someone you can count on in a pinch” , he
quickly said . I asked another friend . “Loyalty” , she said , with just as much certainty .
Others mentioned consistency , sharing confidences , and thoughtfulness . “People you can
do things you like with” , another said . “Those who would never cause your harm no
matter what”, “unconditional love”.
Thustworthiness is another quality that is prized. And honesty – “Be honest and do no
harm” . Yet that is precisely what occurs with friends , and if you know they sincerely care
for you, you can accept the brutal truth . You know that what they say and do is with
goodwill in mind .
An important thing about a friend is that he or she wants to be and share with you,
without considering what material gain may accrue from the relationship. A confusing
factor is that some people today are taught to act like friends , when manipulation is their
only purpose . Salesmen of every kind are sometimes trained that way .

The statue that stands in front of Father Flanagans Boys Town depicts one boy carrying
another . The caption beneath it reads , “He aint heavy , Father , hes my brother”. That is
the way it is with true friends . They are no burden when you carry them-no more so than
carrying yourself would be . The burden carried by a friend is yours to share , and your
burden is aldo his , for you know your fates are linked.

Friends can accept and appreciate us for who and what we are , and for what we share –
values, work , location , school , some experience ( Taekwon-Do ) , even other friends .
We dont have to explain ourselves to them nor they to us . Friends know that in some
basic way they are just like we are , and that is what allows us to became so close .
What ,then , is the magical process by which a stranger becomes a friend ? We need to
look beyond the superficialities of manners , culture , and immediate design , for the ways
in which we are all alike reside in a deeper layer . Beneath the surface , there is a potential
friend in nearly every stranger .

I consider loyalty an important element to learn Taekwon-Do . We should be loyal to our
Dojan as we are to our family and friends .

Another important element necessary to learn Taekwon-Do is “Perseverence” .

Perseverence is the continue steady effort made to fulfil some aim .

We must persevere at our training to become proficient at Taekwon-Do . We must not
become discouraged because we are having some difficulty perfecting a technique or
learning a pattern . Without consistent and dedicated training , the necessary skills will
never be learned .

I find this tenet of Taekwon-Do very important to reach . If we dont persevere we will
never reach our goals .
I came here eight months ago , with a red belt and the knowledge of just eight Taegeuk .
It was embarrassing when teachers , and other colours belt asked me if I knew some other
pattern or some step sparring and I said “NO” ; or when we had to do some partner work,
and I couldnt help my partner to practice because I didnt Know what or how to do it ; or
when an adult red belt refused to work with me because I didnt know my 20 steps
movements . At that moment I felt horrible , I wanted to give up , but instead I decided to
try again , to learn what I didnt know . Get a black belt seemed unreachable to me , but I
was ready to learn and persevere as much as I can and do my best ( at least to try ) .
Finally I made through . Now I know what I didnt know , and now I also can help my
partner to practice an perfectionate himself . I also can help my partner when she or he
doesnt remember something . I still having a lot to learn , but I dont feel embarrass any
more ; and I m ready for it.