Lower Voting Age In Canada

.. mage. Image is important to the youth and in many instances will vote for the party with a handsome well dressed leader because of his image rather than his ideals, beliefs and promises. This is very superficial and is another detrimental point made against lowering the age of voting.

Many speeches and events have happened and are currently booked to help the youth be interested in politics and eventually cast their vote. Politicians have lately been noticing the power of the youth vote and are starting to canter on informing and educating the youth of Canada on the political process and parties. From personal experience, politics was never taught in elementary of high school education.It was maybe mentioned every once and again in conversation but graduation came and left fellow classmates and myself uninformed, uneducated and uninterested in political process and parties. Individuals scattered throughout the system will inevitably become interested and pursue individually but as a whole the education system of Canada fails in making the youth interested in politics and election censuses show these products. The government has started to notice this trend and have started putting together events such as Rush the Vote campaign which is aimed at as organizer Paul Green states making sure that youth turn out to vote this election (Toronto Star).

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To do this the campaign draws upon popular musicians who appeal to many spectrums of youth interest to get the youth interested in the political process. If these events do succeed to appeal to the youth and interest them enough to participate and vote, then the future of lowering the voting age seems brighter.Without evidence that the youth will in fact vote and take care with their decisions the politicians will inevitably find it unnecessary to change anything. In other foreign countries such as Iraq, the voting age is 16. There are both good and bad aspects of this difference noticeable when looking at the results and strategies of their elections and politicians. In Iraq their democratic system is much different then ours in Canada.

There is a huge variety of candidates with thousands of politicians fighting for a small number of seats.Violence is common in the politics of Iraq which makes it visibly seem more important to their people than we (as the people of Canada) believe. The varieties of politicians have an array of different strategies. One of these is to appeal to the young by listening to their demands and making promises to be kept or forgotten. This can be seen in two ways, the politicians could be honestly listening to the young and wanting to help them or they could be using and exploiting the young for the power of their votes because they might seem more ignorant to the truths than the older generations.

Any way one looks at the lower voting age in Iraq it is apparent that the youth vote does count and that the politicians are listening.Compared to Canada where the young are not even really considered into the demographics and results of an election it seems more democratic. Taking the pros and the cons of the issue in question it is hard to come up with a valid solution but provincial and federal governments have already started. Along with campaigns such as Rush the Vote and others the government is interested in lowering the voting age. National Democratic Party MP Nelson Riis has seemingly spearheaded the movement and states it’s time the walls come down (Charlottetown Guardian). He has introduced a private members bill in parliament that if passed will lower the voting age in Canada and all of its provinces from eighteen to sixteen.Sixteen is the ideal age in which most of the youth today feel mature enough and educated enough to vote. Riis claims he has support from all house parties and among fellow MPs but it is still to be seen if the bill will make it through the process and lower the age.

Something should be done, be it addressing the problems in another way or lowering the age because it is becoming increasingly apparent that the youth of Canada are not currently satisfied with the system and they are the future of Canada. Organizations such as Youthspeak, which was founded by a 15-year-old and is designed to lower the voting age and encourages youth rights in politics. A statement from their website reads; YouthSpeak’s primary focus issue is youth enfranchisement: that is youth political power! We work to eliminate the voting age, and support a constitutional amendment that would lower it.We also work for other issues, the elimination of curfew laws, youth free speech, and other youth power issues! . These voices must be heard and political powers should do something to listen to the issues and take action. If something were done to lower the voting age to sixteen it would not affect the results very substantially for many reasons. Not all the youth in Canada would vote as is obvious with the youth that are allowed to vote.

The youth who would vote would most likely be educated in the different choices and have a reason to take time out of their lives to make the decision and vote.Youth would not vote if they were not interested, they would not just vote frivolously or vote because they did not have anything else to do. The reactions of the public and the appeal of the leaders would justify the results in the exact way it is today. As Bob Franklin states in his book on the rights of children Research evidence suggests that the party political implications of change would be minimal, with no party finding its support disproportionately enhanced (Franklin).

The worries of elder Canadians initially will be strong but as they realize the power of the rights and beliefs of their own children change in their opinions would soon take place. The people of Canada will soon accept the youth to be mature in their decisions in much the way that they are confident eighteen-year-olds will make the uninfluenced, educated choice.Politician’s opinions can easily shift when they also realize the power held in the votes made by the youth of Canada. Politicians would increase their attention on the issues in the life of a typical youth such as school disputes, teacher problems and other factors affecting them. This would in turn balance and decentralize the current focus of politicians and their efforts creating a more justified, equal system. The lower age could also encourage and interest youth much more in political processes and parties as now they would actually be able to impact the way they are governed and who is governing them. Politics would be much more noticeable in schools and the general knowledge of politics and the political process would drastically increase.

The youth would also be more likely to develop earlier the skills and potentials needed in later life politically and even socially. In conclusion when all is said and done I, personally would like to say the voting age lowered to sixteen for many of the reasons above. There will be many people opposing this movement but I think it is time for the youth of Canada to be heard and if they wish they should have the opportunity to vote and express their opinions and choices. Political Issues.