Love By Way Of Chance

Love by Way of Chance Love is one of the most precious and treasured feelings in one’s life.

I feel love and affection should be used carefully and under strong self-control. There are two ways of falling in love. The first way, which is mostly admired, is by way of chance. An example of chance is as follows: a man and women are introduced to one another and make eye contact.Then a certain feeling bonds the two, forming love, which eventually will lead to an everlasting marriage. The other way to fall in love is by choice. It could be either the parent’s choice or one of the couple’s choices. I feel that love by way of chance has a higher percentage of a lasting marriage than does love by choice.

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Love that occurs by chance is usually not because she or he is pretty or smart, rather, it’s a link of some sort, like personalities or characteristics in common. Some people might not like a stupid, fat, or repulsive looking mate, but I feel it shouldn’t depend on physical appearances.Affection should be based on what’s in the heart and possibly the brain. The way I see it falling in love by way of chance is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love by choice, especially not yours, is a horrible way to live a life. It’s hard for the one who didn’t have the choice. If one has to pick their husband or wife it should not depend on their money status or their popularity, it should be a careful decision that will make one happy for the rest of their life.

A good example that my classmates and I could relate to, is the Hasidic world.Daughters and sons are usually married off by their parents through a deal at the ages of twelve and thirteen. They grow up knowing whom they’re going to marry for seven or eight years having no say in the matter. They have to learn to love their mate and I feel it’s a miserable way to marry someone and feel for that person. I think that love by way of chance is a far more better way to love someone than by way of choice.

I feel that love is the most beautiful feeling and that everyone should have a chance to have a feeling of true love.I also advise that before one is to marry, they should make sure it’s true love so they could have an eternal marriage.