Lottery 2001

Lottery 2001 Lottery 2001 The sounds of the graduation were loud and excited everyone in the place had a buzz about them. This was Dusty and I’s last year and we decided to do something really cool before we go off to college. We got are diplomas and went out to celebrate with our families. That night dusty and I agreed on taking a trip around all fifty states. With a trip on this magnitude we thought we better leave soon so the next day we packed in to me and headed up the eastern seaboard.

We pulled into a small town in South Carolina to get gas, at this little old run down gas station, but the town looked disserted. There was no one in the gas station or any other business in town it was like a gost town. So we went up the street a little bit and saw every one outside a Wal-Mart shopping center. When we drove by the people look very serious and gave a horrible glare. We decided to have a look at what they were doing so we pulled around the back of the Wal-Mart and sneaked around the corner of the building. What we saw was very weird, all the people were standing around this old man standing over this old looking box.

One by one the old man called out their names and the came up and drew a piece of paper out of the old box. After the had drawn the paper they stood in a line behind the man standing over the box. The men looked very nervious for some reason but dusty and I could not figure out what was going on. After all the men had drawn their paper they slowly opened it up and a sign of relief was on their face ecepct for one. He was a big man with a strong look about him, his wife and child started crying when he showed them the paper. I could not figure out what was on that piece of paper.

The man over the box told the man to put the paper back into the box then each one of his family members drew from the box. First the little boy, then the man, and then his wife, who was very striking she had long blond her and emerald green eyes that were filled with tears. They open their papers at the same time. When the women opened her paper she went crazy saying, it is not fair. Two men grabbed her and stood her next to the wall. Next to the box was a pile of rocks.

Each person took a rock and threw it at the beautiful women. Dusty and I did not know what the do but, we knew that we were scared so we jumped back in the car and headed up the street when we passed the gas station the owner was out side pumping someone’s gas. So we turned around so I could get some gas, when we pulled up the man asked me what kind of gas with no idea what we had just witnessed, I told him premium. The man acted as if he had not just stoned a young lady like he had no conscious. Finally I got enough nerve to confront the man about what we just saw.

When I ask him about the event he said to me in a calm voice that he did not know why they do it but he knows that they have been doing it once a year for ever since he could remember. I paid him for the gas and Dusty and I went on with our trip never mentioning anything that we saw in that small town in South Carolina. English Essays.