Lord of the flies

Lord of the FliesImagine yourself lost on an island with three other people you barely even know. In are eyes this is a scary feeling when all think about ever seening yourself in a situation like this. While unfortunely this can happen not to us but to somebody else. In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding are numbers of boys who are under twelve years old stuck on an island after a plans crash. In the story there are four main characters name Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and Simon who are the oldest of the boys. On the island there are many conflicts.

In the beginning Ralph was the leader and everyone had a job they were responsible and keep up until they were rescue. Many of the boys start to lack off especially Jack’s who was in charge of hunting. Ralph and Jack never saw eye to eye during the novel because Jack at the same wanted to be leader of his own tribe. Besides all the chaos within the group there are three major symbols that conch shell, Piggy’s glasses and the fire that had everyone’s attention and also savage each other on the island.Conch shellAt the start of the novel Piggy and Ralph both discover this conch shell. The conch shell is the most powerful symbol on the island.

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The conch shell symbolized to bring the boys together to discuss their meetings on the island. At the meetings who ever has the conch shell in there hands they have the right to speak quote “We can’t have everybody talking at once. We’ll have to have ‘Hands up’ like at school.

“(page 33) With the to help the group hunt for food, build shelters, and find any empty areas were they can have a restroom at and to survive on the island. All boys had a jobs and they had to keep to up by Ralph’s orders. From the start all boys respect the conch and fellow the rules of the island accept for Jack who believe at the beginning he should the new leader and that Ralph was a weak leader. Later Jack begin to ignore Ralph’s orders and at ever meeting Jack always going against Ralph’s word and he eventually leaves the group. After Jack leaves the group Ralph slowly loses respect from another boys. Around this time Jack begin to start his own tribe, which made many of the boys seek away from Ralph’s camp. With the conch losing of all it’s power Jack is taking over Ralph’s camp. While Ralph was blowing the conch the boys begin throwing stones telling him to leave, suddenly Jack and hunters find Ralph and Jack warning him to leave but Ralph refuse which leads the both of them in a fight.

Piggy who was with Ralph the whole time telling them to stop fighting trying to peace with both them until Roger another form the island rolls the boulder towards Piggy and hits and breaks the conch. Now the power has shifted from Ralph to Jack. Jack has proved that he will do anything be leader on the island. After Piggy is killed and the conch is gone Ralph has no control on the island and now afriad of Jack’s tribe is after to get him. Piggy’s glassesPiggy who the biggest boy in the group. He is the second captain to Ralph and intelligent. Piggy’s glasses is the main symbol to keep fire on the mountain top quote “His specs use them as burning glasses!” (page 40).

Ralph uses his lenses to focus on the sun for fire. With Piggy’s lenses this is way for them to keep fire on the mountain to be rescue. The boys on the island and Jack picks with Piggy and sometimes takes his glasses because they knew he can’t see without them. Ralph begins to be frustrated with them not thinking beening focus on keeping the fire. After Jack leaves the group and start his own tribe Piggy become a target to them. Jack tribes later on the story goes into Ralph’s camp and steals Piggy’s glasses to start fires not to be resuce but to chant and dance around all night.

Ralph lost all the boys focus on begin resuce. Jack has turn the boys into savages and Ralph has no control because they want listen to him. This begin to be raid between Ralph and Jack’s tribe. FireThe fire is the last symbol the in the book. The fire is on the mountain top for any airplans or ship passing so they can be resuce.

Ralph threats to the group especially Jack about keeping the fire going for all times quote “The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescueed except by luck, if we don’t keep a fire going? Is a fire too much for us to make? (page 81). Jack who’s job was to keep up the fire soon tells that food is more important then keeping up fire. Ralph realizes that Jack don’t care about the fire or beening rescue execpt for Ralph. After Piggy’s death Ralph runs from Jack and runs into Sam and Eric two twins on the island guarding for Jack camp. They both give him food and helps him hide in a thicket. The next day Jack’s tribe torture Sam and Eric to tell him were is Ralph until they told him.

After Jack finds were he is hiding Ralph runs until he smells smoke that Jack’s tribe set the forest on fire to kill him. As the forest burns in flames Ralph collapes and wakes up and see a navel officer at his rescue.In story I think it explains how power can be deadly. Ralph at the begin leader of his camp couraging his camp that will be resuce. Jack who was the least interested in Ralph words begin to ignore him for the start.

He begin not to take his orders because that the same time he was jealous of him beening the leader. First he start off turning all the boys against him telling them that Ralph is a lair and they are not going home. Second he break the conch and steals Piggy’s lenses. Jack becames more vicious longer he stays at the island. He lost all his focus on going home instead his was trying to kill Ralph. At last Jack sets the whole forest on fire leaving Ralph to resuce at the end.

This book shows that power can control especially the minds of want power like Jack a savage who turn against his own leader Ralph. We can’t really say how we will react beening lost on the island with other people you don’t know, but how will you feel beening on the island in this same situation?

Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies Lord of the Flies Cruelty and savagery are all parts of human life. When the reigns of civilization are lifted, cruelty and savagery are left alone to roam freely.

William Golding expresses the need for civilized order to maintain the cruel savage beast in us all. In Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the theme of discovering one’s true self is displayed through object symbolism, analytical symbols of the cruel tribe and beast, and analysis of key character symbols. The use of object symbolism develops the structure and meaning of the novel.The symbolic meaning of certain items in the novel provide a degree of certainty of what the theme pertains to. An example of object symbolism is noted in the large conch shell.

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The shell symbolizes order and civilization due to its power to create order through organizing meetings. The conch also symbolizes destruction of order once Roger crushes it beneath a boulder. The act of destroying the shell provides an illustration of how uncivilized the island has become. Another example of object symbolism is depicted in the signal fires that Ralph sternly suggests should exist.

These fires symbolize a hope for rescue and a return to order and civilization. Once Jack, who is in charge of the fire, shuns the importance of a signal fire, it then symbolizes lost hope. Once Piggy suggests reigniting the fire it then symbolizes a restoration of hope. Another portrayal of Golding’s object symbolism exists in Piggy’s spectacles. The spectacles symbolize comfort and dependability due to their fire creating capabilities.Soon power to create fire is prevalent due to the lack of fire making ability of Jack’s tribe. Once Jack’s tribe takes the glasses the glasses then symbolize a shift in power.

A further depiction of object symbolism is noted in the appearance of the naval officer toward the end of the novel. The officer symbolizes home, but the symbol is ironic in the fact that the officer is taking the boys from a war torn island to a war torn country. The appearance of object symbolism establishes the theme of looking inside one’s true soul and describes the biblical battle between good and irrational evil.The establishment of Jack’s tribe and the systematic accounts of the beast provide further evidence of a theme of the introduction to one’s true self. Jack’s tribe and fear of the beast contribute to the overwhelming belief that savagery, not order, and is needed to survive on the island.

A description of this is noted in the behavior of Jack’s tribe. The tribe symbolizes total disarray and cruelty, which is exhibited in their treatment of fellow man. The boy’s derive pleasure from their bloody slaughter of the pigs. The boys paint their faces and join in savage war dances to satisfy the bloodlust they desire.The tribe continually terrifies the little boys on the beach and takes what Jack commands.

Another portrayal of the savagery of the tribe is exhibited in Roger. Roger pretends to be a pig while the others attack almost killing him due to their being overcome by frenzied blood lust. Another section of the novel that creates symbolism is found in the hunted pigs and beast. The dead pig, for example, creates an overflow of wild emotion in the tribe. For instance, the boys chant a warlike song and carry the carcass of a pig. Another example is noted once the pig’s sharp tusks wound Jack.This action causes a change in Jack and promotes more brutality.

The brutality by Jack and the allegiance of his followers cause Jack to become god-like. An example of this is symbolically noted in the pig’s head on a stake. The symbolic pig’s head is Jack’s beastlike nature while the flies around it are his followers who swarm about his appealing actions. All of Jack’s power resides in the fear of a beast on the island. An example of this fear is noted in the tribe’s beating and killing of Simon.The tribe’s irrational fear causes them to act in a manner that supports Jack’s position of warlike protection.

Another example of Jack’s control by fear is depicted in his denouncing Ralph’s leadership and demanding he be the leader to fight the beast. The existence of a beast supports Jack’s claim to leadership and tribal status. The tribe forms in the face of fear, but the real beast in the novel is Jack and his tribe. A further supporter of the theme is seen in the characters of Piggy and Simon.The two characters represent two major states of human existence. Piggy for example represents knowledge and rational thinking. An illustration of this is noted in Piggy’s disgust in the immaturity of the other boys.

Due to Piggy’s knowledgeable account of the others, the reader may expect the other boys to foolishly follow Jack. An example of Piggy’s rational thinking is portrayed within his suggestions for the situation. It was Piggy who decides to build huts and it is Piggy who decides to relight the signal fire after Jack abandons it. Because of Jack’s disregard for Piggy’s advice one can gather that Jack’s character disregards knowledge.

Another character that provides insight into the theme is Simon. Simon represents insight and wisdom. An example of Simon’s insight is illustrated in his assurance to Ralph of their rescue. Simon’s confidence keeps Ralph’s hope alive and delivers a rebirth of civility. Another example of Simon’s insight is noted in his knowledge of the identity of the beast.Simon discovers the beast to be a dead parachuter.

Upon discovering the beast, Jack unexpectedly kills Simon and together with his death dies the insight of the beast. Jack destroys knowledge and insight and in the process takes on the persona of the beast. The theme in Lord of the Flies of insight into one’s soul is developed through object symbolism, symbolism of the tribe and beast, and symbolism depicted in characters. The cruelty that humans are capable of is seen in everyday life. The cruelty that humans are capable of in the absence of order is petrifying to the fact that everyone can display their beast without consequences.Bibliography.

Lord Of The Flies

Essay on Lord of the FliesThe novel, Lord of the Flies, was written by William Golding. William Golding was born on September 19, 1911. His literary ambitions began at the young age of seven. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University in 1935.

His novels explore characters and situations. In Lord of the Flies, it is a time of war. A group of English schoolboys are on a plane, when they are attacked and they have to evacuate their aircraft. They find themselves on a remote island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, without any adult supervision. A boy named Ralph takes charge and forms a crude society, with a democratic type of government.

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Then, a boy named Jack decides to break off and form his own society, with him being the leader, governing with a dictatorship type of government, causing Ralph’s society to crumble and fall apart. William Golding believed that the defects of a society could be traced back to the flaws of the human nature. These societies were very different from each other because the individuals were very different.Ralph’s society was based on everyone having a say in the government. Ralph was kind and good to the people of his society. He let them have freedom and liberties which was not go for his society because they abused their freedom and became lazy and irresponsible. His society did not have their priorities in order because Ralph did not stress that the rescue fire and the shelters were necessary. Ralph was passive and did not keep his society in line.

The were too unruly to control. Another factor in the demise of Ralph’s society was the other members. Piggy, like Ralph, was not aggressive enough. He let himself be pushed around when he knew he was doing the right thing. Piggy did not have the leadership qualities.

An example of this is when he let the littluns go when he was supposed to take all of their names. Finally the society got too unruly and could be not be controlled.Jack’s society was very different from Ralph’s. He was the dictator and the members of his society had to do what he commanded. One of his flaws was that he had no respect for his society. He was disorganized and did not keep track of things. Something could have happened in his society, causing harm to the people in it. An example of this was when they had a fire for cooking the meat and he did not take care of it so it went out of control.

He did not make rules or give anyone any responsibilities. His people would get lazy and irresponsible. Jack had no objective. This caused his society to not have a goal also.

All they wanted to do was hunt. Jack was too aggressive. The people of his society were too scared to have their own opinion.

Jack wanted to have fun, and that was all he wanted. This made his society centered around having fun and avoiding responsibility. Another member affected the society was Roger.

Roger was the executioner. The whole society feared him and they did not want to break the rules, for they knew they would be severely punished. This also caused the society to have no opinion. With all these flaws, Jack’s society would have failed also if it had enough time.

These societies were very different from each other, but they did have one thing in common, they both failed. The society had defects because their leaders had defects. The shape of a society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system. What William Golding implied throughout this book was that the defects of a society can be traced back to the defects of human nature.

Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies by William Golding This novel is about a transition from an exciting adventure of some children, to what eventually becomes full-scale war, ending with the naval officer who rescued them. Though I still wonder if they were really saved, because there was a war that was going on outside of the island. The book begins by introducing two of the characters Ralph and Piggy. They meet each other in the jungle among the creepers.

They explore the lagoon together. They find a pool of water that has been warmed by the sun. They swim in it.

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Then Ralph finds a conch (a shell shaped in a way that when blown it will sound) and blows it, to bring the rest of the boys, who were on the airplane and survived the crash. Last to arrive are the choir, who are dressed in black robes and hats. Their leader is a redhead boy named Jack. On closer examination it is found that there is a wide range in the age of the boys, from about 6 to 12 years of age.

From here on in the book the younger boys are simply referred to as the “littluns” and the older boys as “bigguns” although the younger children are referred to more by their nickname in the story. Ralph is elected chief of the group and his first action is for Jack, Simon, and himself to go on a scout to check if the island is really an island or is attached to anything else. They find that it is an island and return to the rest of the boys. It is decided at the meeting held by Ralph that people should only be allowed to speak at meetings if they have possession of the conch, giving the conch a special power to the boys. It is also decided that the choir should become hunters for food, with Jack (the choir leader) in charge of them. Above all this though is the importance of a fire being lit and staying alight night and day for a ship to see and hopefully rescue them.

At this point a small boy comes forward and tells the boys that he saw a monster which he calls a “beastie” in the woods. This is laughed at from the other boys, and they go to the top of the mountain to light their fire for ships. In the chaos as people gather wood and light the fire, one of the “littluns” got left in the woods and was never seen again. As the fire crackles and burns, the “littluns” think they see snakes, which shows their growing fear. The children begin to built huts, but quickly lose interest, deciding to play, bathe, or eat, leaving Ralph and Simon to build them alone. Ralph is annoyed at this situation and talks to Jack about it, who seems to enjoy his hunting and has a real desire to kill a pig. At this point Jack first gets his idea to paint himself to sneak up on the pigs. Jack paints himself using clay, making a mask for himself and, with the help of the others captures a pig without Ralph’s knowledge.

While this is happening a ship passes by, and because the boys who were meant to be watching the fire are out hunting, the fire goes out and the ship passes. Ralph is very angry by this. They group has a confrontation on top of the mountain. In the arguing between Jack and Ralph, Piggy gets one of the lenses in his glasses broken. Then they all eat the pig.An emergency meeting is called by Ralph, who believes that they must confront the growing fears of the boys of a monster and get rid of them forever.

Another one of the “littluns” comes forward and talks about how he saw a monster in the forest. Simon to help erase their fears tells them that it was he in the forest that the boy saw. Simon also puts forward the thought that “Maybe it’s really only us” but because of his shyness he cannot really get his point across. Jack says that if there is a beast his hunters will hunt it down, but the boys have little faith in this idea. Then Sam and Eric, the twins go to the mountain and believe they saw the beast, describing him in different ways though they show their fear. Increasingly the boys believe in the beast although Simon still refuses to believe that such a thing could exist. Ralph goes hunting with the others and decides that it is a bit of fun after all.

But unfortunately it gets dark before they arrive at the mountain. Jack, Ralph, and Roger decide to climb the mountain, and ascend the cliff. When they reach the top of the mountain, they think that they see the beast, and run away. An arguement breaks out between Ralph and Jack over the importance of the hunting compared to the fire, and Jack attempts to be elected as chief, but fails.

He shows childish behavior and says “I don’t want to play with you anymore” and leaves, attempting to form his own “tribe.” Simon goes to his place in the forest and has a strange encounter with the devil, who tells him all about how nobody can kill him because he lives within them. Jack’s tribe grows in numbers and Jack proclaims that there is to be a sacrifice to the beast.

Simon goes to the top of the mountain and finds toat the beast that Sam and Eric saw was really the dead mans parachute flapping in the wind. He runs down and tells the others, who are involved in the sacrifice at the time, carrying out a bizarre tribal dance. When the crowd sees him, with hysteria they think he is the beast and club him to death. Piggy especially is ashamed because he was lured by the meat offered by Jack to join the ceremony and was involved in the clubbing. Now in reduced in numbers, Ralph’s tribe is made up of Ralph, Piggy, Sam, and Eric.

Jack’s tribe’s fire goes out when it rains and he steals Piggy’s glasses in the night. Ralph thought that he had come for the conch, but this symbolizes the movement of power from the conch, to the glasses (fire). Ralph holds another meeting in which he decides to confront Jack and ask for Piggy’s glasses back. When they arrive at Jack’s camp, Piggy accuses Jack of being a thief and Sam and Eric are kidnapped. Ralph and Jack begin to fight bitterly and while they are arguing a boulder knocks Piggy from his spot, off a 40 foot cliff.

The book says as Piggy came down “The hangman’s horror clung around him”. After this Sam and Eric are forced to join Jack’s tribe. Ralph is hunted down like a dog by the tribe, and hides under a bush. But rather than go out and find him Jack decides to flush him out with fire, and sets the entire island on fire. Ralph is about to be killed when a naval officer suddenly appears.

I think that this is a bad ending for the book as it doesn’t seem to quite fit into the rest of it. Ironically the smoke from the fire of the island burning saved them. Ralph and the others return to the ship and Ralph tells the officer that two people were killed, though I don’t think he quite believes him.

Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the FliesCharacter Analysis:Ralph: main character- Ralph is the narrator of the story.Jack: Jack is Ralph main enemy in the story. He leads the hunters.Piggy: Piggy is the smart one of the group. Simon: He is my favorite character in the story.

He is viewed as the Christ-figure and interprets the mysteries of the island.Roger: Roger is Jacks sidekick and is a vicious murderer at heart.Sam and Eric: The twins stick close to Ralph until they are forced to join the hunters.

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Their main job is to watch the signal fire.The littluns: The littluns are basically the younger boys and ride the bandwagon.The two boys Ralph and Piggy meet each other in a thick jungle and discover that they crashed in an airplane and are stranded. They also learn that there are no adults present on the island and that none of the adults survived the crash.As they approach a beach, they find an enormous conch shell. Piggy gives the conch a little toot and summons the rest of the boys on the island to the beach.

The boys assemble and elect Ralph as the leader. Ralph then assigns the Choir, led by Jack, to be the hunters. Then Jack, Ralph, and Simon set out to explore the island. Near the end of their journey, they encounter a wild pig. Jack tries to kill it, but is unsuccessful.When the explorers get back, a meeting is held. The explorers explain that the island is deserted but there is enough food to keep them alive.

Jack and the hunters promise to supply meat. Ralph makes a rule that whoever is in possession of the conch shell is allowed to speak. Ralph proposes the idea of a signal fire to alert passing ships of their presence. All the boys agree and everybody rushes to the hilltop to start a fire.

The fire sparks the gathered wood into a blaze. One of the boys is reported missing but none of the boys will admit to the likelihood of an accident.Everyone is hard at work the next day, either building huts or hunting. Soon the younger boys loose interest and go off to play. A meeting is called and the boys come up with some new ideas and talk about problems.

Meanwhile jack wanders off and enjoys the peace and quiet.Soon the boys get into a rhythm of everyday life. In the morning is the best time for activity because it is cool and quiet. Afternoons are associated with napping. Some of the littluns are suffering from diarrhea from eating too much fruit.

While Ralph and Piggy sit on the beach they notice a ship on the horizon, and are horrified to see that the signal fire has gone out. The boys rush to the hilltop to try to get it going again but it is too late. Jack and the hunters who were in charge of the fire were nowhere to be found. Ralph scolds Jack about the fire and he apologizes though he does not really care.

Another meeting is called at the familiar place and Ralph reprimands them about their irresponsibility. Then the subject of the so called beast comes up. Ralph and Piggy try to give an explanation but it has no effect. Eventually chaos spreads though the crowd and the run off led by Jack, and Ralph is thoroughly agitated.That night, an air battle is going on and a dead pilot, with a parachute, lands next to the signal fire where Sam and Eric have fallen asleep. They are awakened and are terrified b…

..y the shadows and the body. The twins scramble down to the beach where a group has assembled, and they tell the story with farfetched details.A team of explorers is sent to investigate.

They discover new land and plan what they will do with it, but Ralph reminds them of their mission and they continue. As they approach the hilltop, Jack accuses Ralph of being chicken and starts up by himself.They are frightened by what they see and spread even more panic with their report.

Jack decides to hold a meeting and announces the threat of the beast and take a vote to overthrow Ralph. Nobody else agrees and Jack runs off alone in embarrassment. Soon the fire is rebuilt and Ralph notices some of the boys have gone to join Jack. He is concerned.Jack and his group have captured another boar and are preparing it to be eaten, and they cut off its head and mount it on a pole as a gift for the beast.

As Ralph, Piggy, and the remaining boys sit on the beach, some of the hunters surprise them and ambush them. Not wanting a fight the hunters only take some torches from the fire, and leave saying that Jack is the leader of the new tribe and they are having a feast and everyone is invited. Also, they can join Jacks tribe if they behave properly.Meanwhile, Simon was having an encounter with the pig head. It seemed to be speaking to him. It warned him that he cannot escape him and that he is in everyone. After the pig head verbally attacks Simon repeatedly, he faints.

After Simon recovers, he walks, very tired and fearful, to where the pilot is and frees the parachute. Then he wanders to the bottom of the mountain to tell the boys of the news.The other boys decide to join the feast.

As night approaches, the hunters do a ferocious war dance, and even Ralph and Piggy jump in. As Simon approaches, he is seen as a mere shadow by the dancers, and they are so barbarian that they viciously attack Simon, not hearing the cry of their friend Simon. Despite his efforts, Simon dies as a tropical storm rolls in, and his body is washed out to sea.Ralph and Piggy feel terribly about what has happened and cannot live with themselves.

That night some of Jacks tribe assault the hut on the beach where the remaining boys are housed. After all the confusion, the boys discover that Piggys glasses are gone.Ralph, Piggy, and Sam and Eric decide to visit Castle Rock (Jacks Hide Out.) They are greeted with resistance. Piggy hears a roar coming toward him.

It is a boulder, dislodged by Roger, that crushes Piggy under it. Sam and Eric are captured and Ralph escapes with a flesh wound.The next morning Ralph is awakened by voices and soon realizes that Jack has set the forest on fire to smoke him out. Armed with a spear he thinks of only escape. As he reaches the end of the island, at a beach, he collapses from exhaustion.

When he comes around, he sees a naval officer standing before him and the hunters standing around in disbelief. He gets to his knees and cries.Areas of Usage of Chemistry:1.

Pg. 43-44 Piggys glasses to start fire.2.Pg. 195The forest is set on fire.3.Pg.

138The decomposition of the pig. 4.Pg.

59 Example of malnutrition and poor digestion.5.Pg.

67 The fire goes out because of lack of fuel.

Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies All humans have free will. All the major characters in Lord of the Flies are human! And to take it one step further they are children. I think this is reason enough to explain why there are significant weaknesses in their personalities, which in the end lead to develop chaos on the island. Most of these weaknesses are exposed through out the book by temptation.

When on this island the boys lose sight of sense and being rescued by taking up practices and adventures such as hunting and tribal dances.Take Jack for example, in our modern day society, the kind of child that Jack is would simply be labeled a little snot. He is a arrogant, power thirsting boy who craves stature and knows how to reach the top; he could be compared to a ruthless businessman of our times. If we were to label his personality weaknesses I would easily make the word length requirement for this essay, but when summarized they all come down to evil.

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In the Lord of the Flies, Jack is indeed responsible for a majority of bad events and trickery. Whether it is stealing fire, even though it would have been given, or leading people away from the one person who wants to help them and get them saved.This to me shows a comparison to Satan and Jesus. In the bible we are told that in order to be saved, (rescued) we are to stay with Jesus.

Satan then comes and lures people away with trickery and adventures and makes Jesus despised and a outcast. Jack much like Satan tempted the children to join his camp through games, meat and hunting. Also Ralph much like Jesus offered a stable but fulfilled life through shelters, rules and regulations. Ralph does not impose these rules to be cruel and mean, but so things run in order and everyone is benefited.When comparing Ralph to Jesus it is only in the fact that in order for people to be saved they should follow Ralph, but Jack tempts them and they leave. Because Ralph himself although a better and fairer leader is not at all perfect and has significant weakness in his personality as well. Ralph to falls victim to the temptation of hunting and savagery and on page 188 he joins in with the murder of Simon. Jack invites everyone to his camp for a feast of meat that they gained through a bloody death of a sow.

Ralph goes to have a look and is curious through this temptation and then gets caught up in the dance and murder frenzy.In the Lord of the Flies Piggy seems to take up the role of a disabled person, he can never join in and is constantly teased for this reason of simply being different. This creates a extremely low self-esteem problem and this brings out his personality weaknesses. Piggy always has a suggestion at the assemblies and always gives his point of view, by doing this I believe he makes himself venerable and the others take advantage.

When Ralph made up the rules of the conch on page 43, Piggy is the first boy to take the conch out of Ralphs hand and say something. To me this shows that for Piggy to gather up confidence he needs to look outside of himself for a source of power.This is shown in chapter 5, Best on Water, when Ralph made a remark about Piggy sticking up to Jack, and Piggy says I had the conch, I had the right to speak without this right I doubt that Piggy would stand up for himself. Piggy lives for the rules and is the only one who truly lives by them and I think this is symbolized by it being smashed when the massive boulder kills Piggy.

Although the Island itself cant be described as a character it is in a way similar. It at first seems perfect like the Garden of Eden and all things function perfectly, or do they? For example in what sort of paradise would the fruit give diarrhea and stomach cramps. Also every time the boys venture inside the jungle it is mentioned that everything is dark and covered over, the jungle might look beautiful from afar but once penetrated is dense with vegetation, which absorbs and eats up any light.

The island is constantly abused, through fires, stripping of the fruit trees and the littluns even go to the toilet where ever they please in this perfect paradise of theirs. This is a perfect example of humanity finding a undisturbed place and eventually ruining it. In conclusion I would like to state that I agree that all the major characters have weaknesses in their personalities and these contribute to the chaos that develops in the book. I believe this is because they are all human and have free will, and humans, especially children misuse this free will when tempted by certain things. I think that temptation is a theme in the book that brings about these weaknesses. I think without these human weaknesses the characters would be less lifelike and this would disadvantage the book.

Although I havent enjoyed Lord of the Flies I must be truthful in stating that William Golding has developed great characters that seem real and believable. The characters to me are really the strength of the novel. Bibliography lord of the flies novel.


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