Long distance realtionship are

Long Distance Relationships Can Be Painful: But They Don’t Have to Be
I have fallen into a problem that many people have had to deal with during some part of their life, some more than others have. Long-distance relationships are hard on the heart, hard on the soul, and hard on the self. Many men and women meet in places that neither of the two will ever visit again, such as cruises, vacations, and visiting far-away relatives for long periods of time. These chance meetings sometimes spark flames in the hearts of the romantic, which will eventually be ended by the inevitable parting of ways. Many times the quick fling will be ended sadly yet efficiently and both people will seek out love where love is closer to home. Sometimes the passion, the love, and even the lust are so great that continuing some form of a relationship is the only logical step that the couple can think of. The final time together, before the unwanted separation, is usually a sad time of final hugs and kisses.This time usually fills the couples heart with pain, because they know this could possibly be the last time they can look into each other’s eyes, the last time they can taste each other’s lips, and the last time they can hold each other close.

Continuing the relationship has it’s own heartaches. Waiting for the first sign of correspondence is a long and frustrating wait. The first telephone call is an aggravating wait, wondering if the other person really wants to call, if the other person has another lover, or if the other person has the correct phone number. After the first contact is made, there is usually a period of time that will determine if the couple wants to continue the whole relationship. When it is evident that the two will still try to make their liaison work, other problems may arise. Often there are problems with parents and/or friends who do not condone the relationship. In some cases the trip is too far to be made more than once or twice a year, and in other cases long-distance couples are torn apart by the monotony of letters, phone calls, or e-mails. Long-distance relationships are hard, but they can work.

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The only type of long-distance relationship that will work, is the relationship in which both partners accept the distance and try to make the relationship build on that. If a couple tries to keep the relationship but allows for other dating, then someone is going to get hurt. Dating other people is okay, if both parties realize that they are just friends; otherwise the couple should always be faithful to each other. Love is hard under any circumstances, but when two people are many miles apart, love is really hard.Communicating is extremely important in any long-distance relationship.Each person in a long-distance relationship must always keep the other informed of his or her well being. Telephone calls, letters, and e-mail are all tools that will keep someone’s partner from getting doubts about the relationship. When doubt creeps into the heart of someone in a long-distance relationship, things start to go awry. A sweet letter that comes in the mail, or an unexpected telephone call, will demonstrate just how much he or she means to that person.

The availability of being able to visit someone is also an important factor in keeping a long-distance relationship. Once again, personal sacrifice is involved and is always appreciated. A long trip, for just one purpose, is certainly something to keep any spark in a relationship. In any relationship, personal contact with a partner is necessary for the relationship to survive.
Of course there are other factors that can prevent a long-distance relationship from becoming a good relationship. Sometimes there are family members, or even close friends that try to discourage a couple from keeping the relationship going. The best way to get to get around the problems in a long-distance relationship is to be able to compromise with the other person. Keeping a long-distance lover takes a lot of discipline and a lot of responsibility as far as being able to allow for some things not to always work out as planned. There will be times that the person trying to be reached may not be at home, or unforeseen circumstances could lead to a couple not being able to visit each other. These things happen and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. If there is enough love between the two, then petty things like those will not effect the relationship in any way. In fact, if there is enough love between the two, there is nothing that can stop a long-distance relationship from blossoming into something meaningful.

A long-distance relationship can work. There are people who think that no such thing is possible, but through communication, visiting, and tremendous amounts of love, any couple from any distance can have a relationship that succeeds. The best thing to remember in keeping a long-distance relationship is to always be happy, that there is someone out there in the world, that loves you as much as you love them.