Sometimes in life there are events that take place and impact your life
greatly. A friend of mine, Marc Finch, was in a life threatning motorcycle
accident. When I found out what happened to Marc I didn’t think he was going
to make it and that in its self was the worst news I have ever received in my

I was in school when I found out what happened to Marc. After school my
brother, a friend and I went to the hospital,we found out where our friends
were and we went to find them. When we found them the only sound I heard
where the quiet mumbles of my friends talking gently to each other. It was a
very emotional time for everyone. Only his parents could get in to the room
because of his condition. I never went back to the hospital for the fact that
I couldn’t get in to see him.

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Marc’s accident was very hard on many people but it was the hardest on
his family. Bev, Marc’s mother is one of the strongest women I know. Bev was
there everyday all day praying and hoping that God wouldn’t take her son
away. His mother was also very supportive to our class by keeping us updated
on how Marc was doing everyday. I really don’t know Marc’s father that well
but what I saw was a very strong man. His father was there a lot as well,
right beside Marc’s side hoping that his son would pull through and be fine.
Marc’s little sister Jada did a lot of growing up while all this was going
on. Jada is only ten but she acted like she was eighteen because all of
marc’s friends took her out to try to keep her mind of of things. Marc’s
family really stuck by eachother through this whole thing and really helped
eachother get through it.
I know this sounds like an awfull thing to say but his accident really
brought our class together. Everyone started looking out for eachother like
we should of all along. His accident really made me and many people aware of
the risks you take when you drink and drive. You can’t ever think that it
won’t happen to you because you never know. Marc thought the same thing and
look what happened to him. I hope and pray that this kind of thing never
happens to anyone else that I care about. If you love your friends you should
do your best to take care of them and not let them make stupid choices.
Someone let my friend make a stupid choice that could have effected the way
I live and the way he lives for the rest of his life. I thank God that we
have our Finch back,a little skinny,but alive.

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