Mo. Laws make this question very complicated. Some
times we might think we are juveniles, but by law we can be
and treated as an adult.

At age 13, you can go to some health clinics and get
some medical treatments and testing done without your
parents permission, such as pregnancy, alcohol/drug, and
sexual transmitted diseases. Most of the time, if you are
under 18, you need your parents permission, unless you are
married, or in the military.

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At 15 1/2, you can get a special permit to drive with a
legal guardian, but if you break a traffic law you are
considered an adult. But at 16, you can get your own
drivers license.

If you are under 18 and even at age 12, you can be
considered an adult if you commit a serious crime, such as
killing, drug related. rape, repeated offenses, or stealing
a car.

If you are under 18, and are picked up by a police
officer and taken to juvenile court, a juvenile officer will
decide how to handle your case. Then a juvenile judge hears
the evidence with you and your parents. The judge studies
the whole complete picture of you, and your whole life and
everything in and around you, and your crime, and then
decides as to whether or not your case will be held in
Juvenile Court or in a Adult Court.

If your case is held in Juvenile Court and you are
found guilty, and since he has made a complete study of you
and your case, he will be the one to decide how and what
will happen to you.

If you are tried as an adult and found guilty,
naturally the punishment will be more severe such as:
1. Prison
2. Probation with a second chance to stay out of

3. Sent to juvenile detention for awhile, then on
to prison.

4. You will always be tried as an adult.

5. 1st degree murder, if you were 16 at the time
of the crime, you can receive the death

The question needs to be ask almost all the time, are we
adults or juveniles?Words
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