After reading William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, you have a better
understanding of the characters then when we are first introduced to them. Juliet Capulet,
who is one of the main characters, is placed in a cruel and vicious adult world. She is
under many pressures and demands of her family. Thus, during the play Juliet becomes an
independent, courageous, and heroic young women.

Many times in the play Juliet shows many acts of being independent. When she
under the pressure to marry Paris, Juliet stood up for what she thought was right and best
for her and refused to marry him. In a lot of situations Juliet relied on the Nurse to guide
her and make decisions for her. When the Nurse started pushing Juliet towards marring
Paris and cutting down Romeo, she could no longer put trust in her and wanted nothing to
do with her.

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Throughout her role in the play Juliet showed allot of courage. For instance, Juliet
decides to marry Romeo even though their families are enemies. She knows that her
parents would never permit the marriage but lets the love lead her way. When Juliet says
to Friar Lawrence Go get thee hence, for I wilt not away….(V.iii.160) Juliet is telling
Friar that you can leave Romeo since he is dead but I will not because I love him. Her
Juliet shows courage because she decides to stay with Romeo knowing that there is allot
at risk is anyone finds her.

Juliet showed many acts of heroism in the play. In order to stay married with
Romeo, Juliet takes a potion that makes her seem dead for two days . Not knowing if she
was going to wake up, Juliet took the chance so that her and Romeo could possibly be
reunited. She did in fact wake up seconds too late just in time to see Romeo drinking the
poison. Without thinking twice she killed herself, so she could be with Romeo.

During the play, the audience watches as Juliet matures into an independent,
heroic, and courageous young woman, due to situations she was put in where she had to
face adult decisions, and be responsible. The tragedy that was brought upon her was very
untimely and horrible. In a way, that was another way she showed courageousness,
independence, and heroism, because she would do anything to be with her beloved