Joseph was seventeen , he was loved in Israel . His father loved Joseph and his brothers were jealous .
Brothers were thinking of killing Joseph . They threw him into the well . Then they got him out and sold it to Midianie for twenty
Then Joseph’s brothers poured blood on to Jacob’s clothes and made up a story to their Dad that Joseph was eaten by a ferocious
Then the Midianites sold Joseph to Pothipar . Then he was taken down to Egypt . He lived in a house of his Egyptian master .

Later that year Joseph did bad and he was put in jail . Later that week he was taken out and put in charge .
During the next years good growing came to Joseph but , the next seven years nothing grew .

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While Joseph was high King his brothers didn’t know he was big and they came asking for food .

During this time Joseph thought to himself “mmmm'” I can get even now put I will not .

They asked will we buy some grain for the Lord , but he said to his slave ” take all the gold and put it back to the bags ”
When they got back to their house they found the silver coins out . Soon they went back and Joseph did something else .

This time Joseph said to them ” Come have a feast with me and rejoice ” so they did .

While this was happening Joseph said to his house master put my silver cup in one of the bags and later go back and say they stole
They did this and later Joseph saw them behind bars . He said to them ” If you bring me your youngest son to me I will let you go
your second youngest must stay with me.

So they said all right . When there father heard this he went crazy but , he said ‘ OK ‘ he would tell the king that the youngest son