Berine Williams was born September 13 1968.His paernts always encouraged him to be what ever he wanted to be when he grew up. He also had a brother named Hiram they used to be together all the time. Bernie became intrested in baseball when he was 8.The Yankees were very popular in San Juan.Bernie grew older and got better because his dad used to take him evrey day to play baseball after school.

The Yankees discovered Bernie at the age of 16 but he was too young. When a basebal player reaches his 17th birthday a major-league team can sign him. They sent him to Sarasota Yankees in New York State. He quickly becomes the top base runner in the league. In 1991 after Roberto Kelly injures his wrist Bernie played so good that Yankees made him their center feilder .His parents were very proud of him .His best season starts in 1994 but the player strike stops it. The strike is settled and everyteam returned to its normal schuedule the next year. In 1995 the Yankees make the playoffs and lost to the Seattle Mariners but Bernie plays great he bats 429. With eight runs scored. The next year he is awarded the MVP of the ALCS the Yankees go on to win the WORLD SERIES .his parents are really proud. He is awarded the MVPof the ALCS.

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1) Divisional—— Serate groups of teams
2) Criticisms—— talkin bad behind someones back
3) Concerrned—— worried about someone
4) Contemplated—– think about something
5) Organization—– an organization of people
The thing that was useful about reading this book is that I some day want t become a baseball player for the Yankees.And that Bernie Williams is my absolute favoraite baseball player. I did not know Bernie Williams was Puerto Rican.

My favoraite part of the book was on page 14 when Bernie was called up by the Yankees when he was just 16 he had to go to a special camp away from other scouts.

The way I can relate to this book is that I want to play for the Yankees too. Since I was about 6 I liked baseball. I played in a league I made the all-stars and the traveling team it was a fun experience for me.

Theres nothing really celebrated about Latino culture except that theres plenty of good Latin baseball players.