Jfk Assassination

Jfk Assassination FCA: Matt Motta Organization- /30 4/3/00 Support- /40 Block H Documentation- /30 JFK Assassination John F Kennedy was shot down unlawfully in his prime.

That is a pin that has been in the nations back since it happened back on November 22, 1963. A theory that has lead the race of who killed JFK was the Lone Gunman theory of Lee Harvey Oswald. Since this theory has been so inconclusive, other theories have appeared and are catching up to Lee Harvey Oswald. Some of these theories are just ridiculous but on the other hand ,some are very possible.The most plausible theory is that Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F Kennedy during his drive through Dallas, there is not enough evidence to convict Oswald, so other theories have come about.

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On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy took a trip to Dallas, Texas to mend some old news with the democrats and to gain votes for the upcoming 1964 election. In Dallas, JFK was greeted by over 200,000 spectators through the uptown and downtown Dallas area. A motorcade had driven them to the Dallas Trade Mart where JFK was to make a speech, later on that day. JFK, along with his wife Jackie, traveled with Texas Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie drove to Dallas Love Field, where they arrived at 11:37 A.M.The motorcade then took a right from Harwood St.

, onto Main Street, headed towards Dealey Plaza, a park built to celebrate the birthplace of Dallas. The car then made a right turn onto Houston Street. Nellie Connolly, at this point turned to President Kennedy , and said you cant say Dallas doesnt love you.(Moore NP) Then the gunshot fired that woke up the world. At 12:30 P.M., on November 22, 1963, shots rang out in Dealey Plaza.

To some of the witnesses on the scene, the first sounded like a firecracker. (Kritzberg 63) President Kennedy had wounds on his back, his throat, and numerous shots to the head. Governor Connally suffered a wound in his back, his chest, two wounds in his right wrist, and a wound in his left thigh.

Fortunately, these wounds were not fatal for the Governor. (Donnelly 116-120) A bystander named James Tague was wounded on his cheek by a bullet and/or concrete fragments caused by a missed shot. (Kritzberg 63) Witnesses at the scene heard anywhere from 2 shots to 7 shots. It was concluded these shots came out a rifle.

The rifle was later found hidden behind some boxes as well as three empty cartridge cases in the same room as the suspected shooting, in the Texas School Book Depository Building.The police were later accused of planting the rifle and cartridge cases. President Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1 p.m., central standard time. (Donnelly 69) The most suspected shooter was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald belonged to the Marine Corp for most of his life.

Oswald was trained in radar electronics, and had a background in security clearance.Oswald had experience with rifles, contacts in the CIA, possibly the Soviet Union and the KGB. The government claims that Oswald was just someone off the street who had a grudge against Kennedy. (Benson 190-193) Oswald was a communist, which would mean the Oswald believed that the president was no better than any other man. His beliefs made him an instant suspect for the CIA. (Benson 147) A major point in the discussion if Oswald did it or not is that the parade was running 6 minutes late.This means Oswald wouldnt have known, which he means he was waiting at the window for at least 6 minutes which he wasnt. Throughout the assassination Oswald was said to have been in the lunch room , however , no one could provide proof that they had seen him in the room where the shots were fired.

Police swarmed the Texas School Book Depository Building believing the shots came from the third floor. On their way, they found Oswald sitting in the Lunch Room composed and quietly eating his lunch. (Kritzberg 60, 61, 69)Officer Baley was the police officer who entered the building after the shots were fired. When he did , he found Oswald in the Lunch Room.

This created a problem in the timing element of the assassination. If Oswald were the shooter, then he would have needed to run four floors to the window where the shots were fired, then run back in 90 seconds to the lunch room. Oswalds arrest seems suspicious at this point because had he fired 4 shots and ran four floors as well as hiding a rifle then he must of at least broke a sweat. Yet, he appeared calm and answered officers questions without hesitation or pauses. (Benson 69-70) Their have been many groups that have filed reports on this case. In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that Oswald did it, but they added there was probably a conspiracy. In 1964, The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired 3 shots from the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building.(Moore 79, 80, 91) They also concluded that he killed Dallas policeman JD Tippit while fleeing from the scene of crime that he so proudly committed.

(Moore 80) Walking down the street, Oswald was confronted by a police officer stopping all people who matched a description similar to Oswalds. He panicked and shot the officer in the head at point blank. Witnesses believe that the weapon used to kill the Dallas police officer was an automatic rifle, however after examination, the weapon used turned out to be a 6 shot revolver, not an automatic. (Kritzberg 92) Since there is no conclusive evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, other theories have come about.Some of the theories are no where near to being possible, but some of them could very well be true. A theory is that Lyndon B. Johnson conspired to have JFK killed. It is rumored that Lyndon B.

Johnson disliked JFK.And that he was the kind of man that would be selfish enough to do this. Another theory that is out there, is that George Hickey, a secret agent driving behind JFKs car, accidentally shot his gun into JFKs head as he tripped forward. Another possible theory out there is that Richard Case Nagell, an ex CIA agent, knew that Oswald was going to kill JFK. He tried to tell 3 nations about it, but no one listened. (Vankin NP) Some ridiculous theories have come about that seem totally awkward and weird. One dumb one if that the driver of JFKs limo, shot him quickly then kept driving like nothing happened.Another one is that JFK ordered a small group of insiders to dispatch as assassin in Dallas, Texas.

Another out of the blue theory is that a guy with an umbrella standing near JFK shot a poisonous dart at JFK, stunned him, allowing a gunman in the near to finish up the death. Another one is that 3 bums, that were found in a railway boxcar, were the shooters. Again a dumb one is that JFKs body was switched, his brain was taken out and disguised as a baby, put in a gurney and put back in his head at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. The last one is that JFKs body was switched in route in a airplane and then disguised as luggage.(Vankin NP) Due to some of the theories and JFKs death, a lot of unsolved mysterious things have come about. William Whaley, the cab driver who reportedly drove Oswald to Oak Cliff died in a motor collision.

He is the only Dallas taxi driver to die on duty. Rose Cheramie, was a victim of a hit and run. She knew in advance of JFKs assassination. She was told by some Cubans on her ride to Dallas.

Mary Pinchot, one of JFKs special friends was murdered. Her diary was taken away by CIA chief James Angleton. Very suspiciously, many people that were close to the assassination, or had information on it, died.

(Benson NP) Mostly all of evidence points towards Lee Harvey Oswald. Some of the aspects of the shooting are very shady but that is expected. Not every case can be crystal clear.Oswald was found in the building where the shooting happened. He had a lot of experience in rifles. Oswald was a communist. His beliefs made him an instant suspect by the CIA.

Also, due to first hand witnesses, Oswald is believed to be the shooter of a gun that killed a police officer as he was fleeing the scene. But as the puzzles come together, more and more evidence spins towards the Lone Gunman theory of Lee Harvey Oswald.Bibliography Benson, Micheal. Whos Who in the JFK Assassination ; An A-Z Encyclopedia Baltimore, Citadel Press, 1983 Kritzberg, Connie. Secrets from the Sixth Floor Window Boston, Undercover Press, 1994 Moore, Jim. Conspiracy of One; The Definitive Book on the Kennedy Assassination Washington, D.

C, The Summit Group, 1991. Vankin, Jonathan. Sixty Greatest Conspiracies of All Time New York, Illuminet Press, 1988 Donnelly, Judy.Who Shot The President? The Death of John F. Kennedy New York, Random House Publishing, 1988.