James Reichardt Monday May 24th 2004

James Reichardt Monday May 24th 2004Vocab. lesson 26
Approximate- The approximate time is 7:32 p.m.

Assumption- Is assumed that ghost’s are a real.

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Attentive- He was very attentive in class.

Certify- I got a certification card that said I had completed a CPR course.

Distinguish- I saw the distinguished face of the criminal.

Emphasize- At the meeting I was trying to emphasize my point.

Essential- It is essential to bring water on a long journey.

Illusion- The picture was an optical illusion.

Probable- In math class we are going over probability.

Vague- I can vaguely remember my homework from two weeks ago.

|1 |A |Correct|A|probability|
|2 |D |Correct|D|Distinguishing |
|3 |C |Incorrect |B|Illusive |
|4 |B |Correct|C|Emphasizevly|
|5 |J |Correct|C|Certificate|
|6 |F |Incorrect |A|Essentially|
|7 |E |Incorrect |D|Approximation|
|8 |G |Correct|B|Vague|
|9 |H |Correct|B|Attention |
|10 |I |Correct|C|Assume|