James Buchanan

James Buchanan
James Buchanan was born in April 23, 1791 in a cabin in Cove Gap,
Pennsylvania. James father came to America as a Scotch-Irish in 1783. At the age
of six his family moved to Mercersberg PA. where his father would open a general
store . James was the second of eleven in his family. James was able to go to
school where he lived but when he was not studying he was helping his father in
the shop.

James father made James work hard and taught James that he must be ready
to take care for his brothers and sister when James father died. At the age of
sixteen James father sent him to Dickinson College in Carlisle PA. James was a
serious student but he also wanted to have a good time. He began to smoke a
drink with the other students, and later was expelled from college. He begged
for them to take him back, and he would turn over a new leaf. He was allowed to
return and graduated on high honors. After college he left and went to study law
in Lancaster PA. James worked hard and later became a successful lawyer. He made
more than 11,000 a year. James became a canidate for the Pennsylavania
legislature in 1814. But the war of 1812 was growing fast. The British Had just
burned down Washingto D.C. James volunteered to serve his country so he joined a
calvary company. Buchanan returned for the election and won a seat in
legislature in 1814. He served another term and returnd to Lancaster.
James Buchanan became a popular person in Lancaster and was invited
to many partys and dinners. At one party he met a girl named Ann Coleman. They
later got engaged. In the spring of 1819 there were rumors that James was seeing
another girl. Ann got upset and went to stay with her sister in Philadelphia.

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Later she died over an overdose of landuam. James promised to never marry again.

James went back to politics to try to forget about Ann. The federlists
party was looking for someone to run for candidate for congress. James agreed
and in 1820 he was elected to House of Represtatives. He served for 10 years.

During the time in Congress Buchanan changed his part to Democratic. In 1831
President Jackson asked James to become minister to Russia. James agreed and
went to Russia the next year. While he was in Russia he made the first trade
agreements between United States and Russia. When he came back to the USA he was
elected to the Senate. There he would serve till 1845.

By 1844 he waited for the president nomination and gave all his support
to James Polk. James Polk won the nomination and election. Then President Polk
assigned James Buchanan to the secratary of state. While Polks term of President
a war brokeout between USA and Mexico. James Buchanan as Secratary of State
arranged a peace treaty in 1848. By this treaty United States purchased all the
land from Texas to the Pacific Ocean.

When Polk left office Buchanan also retired. For four years he lived in
the country and bought a Mansion near Lancaster PA.

James could not stay away from politics. In 1852 he was a canidate for
the running of president. He was beaten by Franklin Pierce
President Pierce made James minister to Great Britain in 1853. While
Buchanan was in england congress passed the Kansas-Nebrasa Act it permitted
slavery in regions of the Northwest. When the Democratic met in 1856 to pick a
candidate for president they wanted someone who would be wanted by the north and
the south. They elected Buchanan and he beat Millard Fillmore in the race.

Buchanan became the first bachelor to become president. He also became the first
man from PA to become president. On March 4, 1857 James was elected president.

Two days after Jame’s inauguration the Supreme Court declared the Dred
Scott case that Congress did not have any power over slavery. James played a big
role in slavery. After Jamesretired from politics he went back to Lancaster
were he would die seven years later.