It so hard being a fly. It’s just not fair, I only

get to live for 21 daysat the most. Now that isn’t enough time to live my life and do all of the
things I want to do. The world is so big, so hard to survive. I feel like
everyone is out there to get me. I just go for a leisurely fly through the
forest and a frog could eat me. Or if I feel like going on an adventure,
through a giant’s house. What are they called? I think the right name for
them is a h-h-human! Shhh, I just said the forbidden word! If you get
caught saying that around other flies you will be tortured until death! It
is every fly’s worst fear! But anyway, like I was saying, if I go through a
humans house and don’t get out in time I could be locked away in there for
I don’t see why those humans hate us. They think that we are dirty little
insects just because we lay maggots, they aren’t that bad. They are
actually kind of cute in a way! As soon as a human see’s one of us, out
comes the can, so they can release the white spirit of death to choke us
until we die! They are such heartless beings but even worse, the baby
humans. They get such pleasure out of picking us up and picking our wings
off one by one!! Ouch! Just the thought of it makes me cringe. That once
happened to my cousin many generations ago and he couldn’t fly. Then just
to top things off a huge hairy animal was chasing him around and after a
while it sadly……ate him!! It was all over the news and ever since then
no fly goes into a humans house unless there is a really good reason to.

Us flies don’t really have many friends out there. Some people get us
confused with bee’s and that is the worst insult someone can say to a fly.

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Fly’s and bee’s do not get along! You will never see a fly and a bee
together, because bee’s just think that they are too good with their
stingers and all. So what, they may be smarter than us, but I must
say…who has a better, more carefree and relaxing life? And who has to
work, all day, everyday for some bossy old queen? I think I’d prefer my
life any old day over a bee’s life!
When you actually think about, I do have a good life and I’m glad that I
don’t live very long. If I lived any longer I think I’d drive my self to
suicide! Imagine living longer than 21 days, trying to dodge the hurdles
life throws at you! Impossible! Atleast I’d die young, with no stress
because I don’t have to do much except for lay maggots on humans food and
then watch them eat it. Hee-hee, I love doing that! I’m only giving them
back what they deserve!
I may not be the most beautiful creature around, but I’m happy with what
I’ve been giving. I can look at the world by a whole different view. Nobody
has more beautiful and unique eyes as me! I’m happy with who I am and what
I am. I’ll just take life as it comes, fly here, fly there. Lay some
maggots here and some over there. Munch on some yummy food and then die,
gracefully! Now that’s got to be the best life in the world-The Life of a