Is Wrestling For Children

Is Wrestling For Children? Is Wrestling Suitable for Children? Children all over the world are watching wrestling now more than ever. Some say it is very entertaining while others say it is garbage. Nonetheless, tickets are selling in less than an hour. Besides matches, which are when two or more wrestlers compete in a ring, there are also interviews where the wrestlers state how they feel to the fans. In these interviews, some wrestlers curse and say disgusting phrases that parents feel their children should not hear, said a high-school student-wrestling fan.

This is one of the many reasons why parents ban their children from watching wrestling. Although some strict parents would never let their children watch wrestling, it is still suitable for children over a certain age of about twelve or thirteen. Today, many people over the age of ten watch wrestling. Kids love to talk about Federation television programs with their friends. Attending a live event allows a family, friends and even football fans to exercise their First Amendment rights. Fans express themselves with self-styled signs that they bring to Federation live events. They even take pictures of their favorite superstars and mock them as well said a student.

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It is not right for a child to know these words but they still do learn them in school and other social places, said a parent. Parents should not immediately think that their child is doing these things all from wrestling or something else on television. Wrestling teaches children some interesting things that they should know. The parent could let them watch it not only for the entertainment side of it, but also for its learning experience. The announcers at the show call the match move-by-move and also use some interesting words that helped me on the SATs, said a student.

Parents must not ban their children from wrestling all because they feel the wrestlers have no intelligence. The only reason why they might have a real reason to ban their children from watching wrestling is the sex appeal involved, stated a parent. It is not fair that if an eleven-year-old boy, who probably does not like girls yet, watches wresting and sees what happens. Parents do not want to let their children watch a woman and a man celebrate after a victory by kissing. If parents do not want their children to watch the Monday Night Raw show and the Thursday night Smackdown show, then they should let them watch the two weekend shows. These shows (WWF Superstars and WWF Livewire) are summaries of what went on in the past week without showing any violence, stated another student.

In conclusion, wrestling is suitable for children depending on the maturity of that child. It is up to the parent whether their child should watch wrestling although it is practically the same as watching a rated R movie or even HBO.