Is The United States Justified In Interfering In Other Countries

Is the United States Justified in Interfering in Other Countries? Is the United States justified in interfering in other countries conflicts? Some people say that it is immoral by interfering with the problems in other countries. Others say since that the United States is a major superpower in the world that we should up hold peace in the world. Looking at the past, the US has been in many conflicts with other countries. An example of this was when World War begun. The United States Army reached France on June 26, 1917, and was greeted with flowers and many cries of Vive l Amerique or Long Live America.Some Americans felt that they were repaying France for its help during the Revolution.

Which was only their opinions. Many years after the first World War the United States entered the depression which gave the US more of an economic concern than the events overseas. A strong isolationist mood set in the country. When the European powers began to prepare and move toward war (World War II), the people of the United States felt that it was necessary to stay out of another conflict.

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The US later passed the Neutrality Acts which banned arms sales or loans to countries at war. War later broke out in Europe which caused many Americans to support the Allies, but few wanted to be drawn into war. The United States finally entered the was when Japan air forces bombed the US Naval Base- Pearl Harbor. The US was stunned at this sudden attack and later declared war on Japan. Three days later Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. These past events showed that the United States had mixed feelings on the idea of neutrality.

During the first World War the US were some what proud to be part of war. While during the second world war the United States wanted to stay away from the fighting Europe. Now at the present the United States has used their power to control and maintain integrity of many worldly conflicts. But involvement has caused some discretion between the American citizens.

On May 13, 1998 President Clinton decided to reprimand India for testing nuclear weapons.