Family relationships and their inherent problems are the key components ofthis story. The main character Bo Brewster, as well as the other members ofthe anger management group, are confronted by these issues. Bo’srelationship with his father is shown the most throughout the story. Thereare many trials and tribulations between him and his father, but itbasically comes down to that fact that they are both stubborn.

This examplefrom the book shows exactly that, “I disappeared. For almost seven months Iceased to exist. Dad persuaded Kathy that if I refused to respond todiscipline, my life would amount to garbage; that she could help me byrespecting his embargo absolutely.

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” (pg.30)The next selection shows a positive relationship in Bo’s life. It’s therelationship between Bo and his mother.

While Ellen Brewster feels sheneeds to support her husband’s parenting, at the same time she wants thefamily to get along. “Two days after New Year’s, my mother came into thebedroom and asked how long I was willing to let this go on. I gritted myteeth, blinked back the tears, and said, ‘Forever.’ She begged me.’Please, Bo.

Your father won’t budge. You know how he is. I hate this.'”This example is a conversation between Elvis and Bo. It portrays the wayBo’s dad is stacking the deck against his own son for Yukon Jack’s. I thinkit’s sad that Bo’s dad would go out of his way to put his son at adisadvantage with a bunch of college guys he doesn’t even know.

“Your dadwas showing these guys a bike out of a catalogand he said he’d get it forthem at no extra charge. They were laughin’ and slappin’ each other on theback like a couple of yuppie bite-asses, about what a sweet deal it was toget a five-thousand-dollar bike for free. I don’t know exactly what kind ofdaddy you got, Ironman, other than what you’ve said in here, but I figurehe’s settin’ it up for these guys to kick your ass for sure.

” (pg.167)The next example is simply Bo talking about the absence of his dad afterthe triathlon. This selection disturbs me personally, because his fatherpurposely helped other people try to win the race over Bo, and then when Bobeat them, his dad snuck out so he wouldn’t have to face him. “Dad wasnowhere to be found when I rose out of the water like King Neptune at thefinish of Yukon Jack’s, so I didn’t get a chance to say all the things thatI wanted to say that I’d have to take back laterAt first I thought Dad wasbeing a poor loser, but later I thought maybe he split because he saw me onthe Ultra-Lite and didn’t want to discuss where it came from.

From race dayto graduation we avoided the topic like E. coli.” (pg.

222)This final citation leaves you hanging, unsure of what is to happen.You’re uncertain if Lucas Brewster will resolve his problems with his son orif they will continue, but at least he attempted to untangle some of theirproblems by going to a few counseling sessions. “Today I rode my bicycleover the back road to Spokane and out the Centennial Trail toward Idaho, andon the way back I passed the building where Dr. Jorgensen has his office. Isaw my dad’s Lexus parked outside.

I don’t know what will come ofthat-hell, Dad might have been there arguing about the bill-and I don’t haveany expectations. But no matter what happens, I’ll survive, and I won’tlead a desperate life, because the eight months I spent with that posse ofragamuffin Stotans led by an undersized Japanese cowboy gave me the power tolet the world be every bit as goddamn crazy as it is.” (pg.227-228)Bibliography: