Into The Wild

Into The Wild Into The Wild The name of this book is Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. This book is based on a true story about a young man who goes on a journey. The author takes the real story of what happens to this boy and actual quotes written by real people to show why this boy would want to go on such a journey and what his purpose was. Jon Krakauer the author was an Journalist who had to write an article on this incident. He was so fascinated by this story that he took time out to do a one year research project on what real went on before this boy had gone in the woods on this survival mission.

Jon does not look at what this boy has doe as a crazy and abnormal thing. He looked at the boy as some one with courage and a wide view on life. Alex is the fake name that Chris McCandless gave Jim Gallien when they first met. Chris was a young teenage boy who wanted to get away from civilization. He wonder if man could survive on his own with the assistance of man made things.

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He decided to take a trip into the wild woods of Alaska. Chris did not have any contact with his family and no one knew that he was going on this great journey. Well Chris went on his journey into the great forest of Alaska and 4 months after his body was found decomposed. Krakauer the author views this boys challenge as an adventure to discover nature on his own without the help of anyone or anything. He wanted to go on his own journey into the wild. What I think this book is saying is that there are people in our world who rebel against modern human civilization. These people dont feel comfortable in modern society and feel that isolation is their only way to feel at home.

This book is showing how a person uses their stubbornness and free will to go against society and try to take on nature. The message that this book is trying to get across is that everyone does not want to be a part of society. Some people want to be alone and isolated away from everybody else because they may feel that they are different then everyone else when they really are not. The author use an outdoor wilderness setting to show how a person would want to use it as an escape away from civilization. This book relates to Thoreau and his mentality on how he thinks life should be. Thoreau’s thought process was similar to this boy and he would agree in what this boy is trying to do.

Thoreau believed that people should escape and go into the wild. He to was the kind of person who would isolate himself from everyone else. Chris reminds me of Thoreau because of the way he went about life. He was from a well off family and lived a pretty well of life.He also got good grades and was an outstanding athlete. Even though he had all off this, he still was not happy.

He wanted something else something different. He gave all his money away in his savings account to charity and burned all the cash in his wallet. After this is he turned to nature. He thought that getting away would make him fell life for what it real is, but he wanted to do this alone. Chris and Thoreau view on how the American dream should be was not the same as how everyone else viewed it.

They did not want success. They wanted independents away from everyone. They wanted to feel free. Thats how this book is connected into our class studies of the American dream. Chriss and Thoreau American dream is different then everyone elses.

Nobody really knows why they think this way but thats what makes this book so interesting. The audience wants to know why Chriss wants to go on this journey so bad. We want to know what his goal is and why he hates the nice life that he has now. If there was suppose to be a movie made from this book. The actors I would choose to play the parts in this film would be the following.

Brad Pit as Chris because he seems like the type of person who has a well of life but want something different. Also he looks like he would want to go on an adventure like this into the wild. I would make Bruce Willis play as Jim Gallien because he seems like he could play this role of a rouged but kind person. He seems like he would be a caring person if he were in the same position to help Chris. This book would only make a successful movie if it only shows the scenes when Chris goes into the wild and try to survive on his own.

This was a good book because it thought me that everyone do not view life the same as average people in society. Some people want something different out of life and the only way they can find it is by discovering it by there selves. Chris was not abnormal, he just did not feel like he was getting all he could get out of life. The only thing that he could have done was go on his little adventure a little more prepared. Chris did not have the right kind of equipment need to survive in the wild environment of Alaska.

If he did he would still be alive today. He was not crazy, he was just different from the average person. Thats why what he did was a brave thing. Chris had courage and thats something that a lot of people dont have. English Essays.