Intimations of Immortality

Assignment: Wordsworths Ode: Intimation of Immortality
Point/Main Idea: When we are young, we see nature as we should; we celebrate it and embrace it, and revel in its glory. But, as we grow older, we forget the simplest pleasures and look at nature through jaded eyes.

There was a time when all of nature seemed dreamlike to me. That time is gone.

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I still see nature in all her splendor, but I feel that I do not appreciate it as much as I used to.

While I was listening to the birds sing and watching the lambs play, I was suddenly struck with grief. However, that feeling has gone, and I am now enjoying it all again.

It would be wrong of me to be sad with so much beauty surrounding me, yet I do feel that something is missing. Where has the glory gone?
As children, we remember the heavenly brilliance of nature. The challenges of growing up cause us to forget that brilliance.

Everything that happens to us as we mature causes us to forget the heaven that we were born into.

This six-year-old child is playing by himself, imitating life as a wedding or a festival, a mourning or a funeral; before long he will realize that real-life is not really as he imagines. Life could, however, be an imitation of sorts.

Why child, when you have all of lifes answers before you, do you insist on playing and ignoring lifes strives? Do you not realize that soon you will be old and forget the true pleasures of life?
By remembering my childhood and the joys that it held, I can rekindle the blissful feelings that I once had for life. Through my memories of childhood, I can experience the true joy of life.

I call on all of nature to rejoice in the splendor before us. While I can only recall some of natures secrets, I find solace in the fact that I will gain wisdom as I grow older.

Because of all that I have experienced, I can appreciate natures beauty.
Norton Anthology of English Literature