Influence Of Mythology On Literature And Society

.. to see his father Anchises who will give Aeneas advice for his journey. At once he set off in search for the golden bough and Pluto. He found the golden bough with ease like a true hero and went to Pluto immediately.

Then Pluto took him to his father who told him many things and helped Aeneas grow more confidence to continue his journey.When Aeneas returned to the surface he had heard news about war in Italy. Juno and one of the Furies started the war in order to stop Aeneas’ journey from becoming complete. This did not slow down Aeneas; instead he joined the Trojans against the newly formed Latins and Rutulains, due to Juno and the Fury.

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Aeneas and his men bravely fought the Latins and Rutulains in battle upon battle that lasted for many days. The war was described as a bloodbath and the land smelled like blood for days after the battle. Aeneas and his fellow Trojans won the battle and build the city of Rome.Aeneas is the father of Rome and the founder of the Roman race, he married Lavinia and made Rome what is was today. For that the Roman people are proud of who they are, because is shows that a great man like Aeneas went through terrible times all for a dream that he believed in and he made that dream come true by making the powerful city of Rome. PART FOUR: Through out Mythology there are many Heroes, Omen, and Myths, but there are also many families. These families lived in big house and the number of family members in each house is large in amount.

There are three major royal houses, The House of Atreus, The House of Athens, and the House of Thebes. Each house has its own story to tell and that story defines the way that family is.In each house there are many conflicts and adventures and these add up to the story of each house. The story about the House of Thebes starts off with King Laius of Thebes; he was the third in descent from Cadmus. Apollo’s oracle at Delphi play’s a big part in the families’ fortune through the story.

As the story goes Apollo tells Laius that his son will kill him in the future. To make this prediction false Laius and his wife Jocasta tied their son to a mountain in order for him to die, despite this Laius was killed and Apollo’s prediction came true. Back in Corinth Apollo made another prediction; his prediction was that Oedipus was going to kill his father.To stop the prediction Oedipus traveled to Thebes in order to get away from his father. During this the house of Thebes was under turmoil due to a mysterious Sphinx that kills any man who does not answer her riddle correctly.

So as Oedipus gets to Thebes and learns of the Sphinx and he is curious to challenge the Sphinx’s riddle. As Oedipus travels the countryside he comes across the Sphinx, the Sphinx asks the riddle and Oedipus answers it correctly. At that moment the Sphinx kills herself and Oedipus returns to Thebes as a hero and it’s new king.As Oedipus is king he tries to solve the mystery of the death of Laius and who killed him. As Oedipus investigates more into the matter he finds the killer. When Oedipus names the killer he goes to a room to find his mother Jocasta, who he thought was his wife, dead on the floor. Oedipus in extreme depression cut out his eyes to live in darkness once he saw his dead mother on the floor. Oedipus did not throw away everything he had by doing this, no; he had four children, two boys and two girls.

The boys are named Polyneices and Creon, who was the heir to the throne. The girls were called Antigone and Ismene.This now separated the family, because his son Creon drove his father out of the city along with his sister Antigone.

Antigone was her father’s only friend and tended to his needs. Ismene stood back in Thebes to let her father learn of any news concerning her father. The brothers now were fighting for the throne at Thebes, and this completely separated the family of the house of Thebes. The brothers ended up killing one another in a duel for the throne that put the family’s name to shame.The family of Thebes had a strong and powerful house that had potential to succeed greatly, but selfishness and greed destroyed the family name.

That was the men of Thebes fault, but no fault should be laid on the women of Thebes. In reality they helped make the house of Thebes die with honor by burying their brothers despite orders telling them not to be buried. By the sisters burying their brothers they helped put their brother’s souls to rest. The reason the house of Thebes fell was that the family was dysfunctional and the family turned against itself.PART FIVE: Mythology has many topics in it and their range is very deep. One important topic in Mythology is Myths.

There two major categories of Myths, which are: Norsemen and Greco-Roman Myths. The differences between these two Myths are few in numbers, but they are essentially different. Greco-Roman Myths deal with the history of Greek and Roman Mythology, and the Norseman Myths deal with the history of Norseman Mythology.

Differences between these two is slim and really of no importance due to the fact that the only differences are of names and how the world and man were created.The differences are slim, but there is one major difference between the two Myths, and that is the way each look on a certain subject. That subject deals with honor, courage, and power. The Norseman gods are good and they fight evil, but unlike the Greco-Roman gods they do not always win against evil.

The Greco-Roman gods are seen as unbeatable and extremely powerful, and they never even thought about even losing a battle. The Norseman gods on the other hand fought against evil with great courage and with honor, but did not fight with the same courage as the Greco-Roman gods because they knew of a possibility of them might losing. The Norseman gods were not afraid to die, because if they died fighting of good they knew that they were doing something good and that they would go to their heaven, which was called Valhalla. Valhalla was the Hall of the Slain where dead heroes who died in combat would go to when they died.This was the greatest honor for the Norsemen gods to achieve, but they knew it came at a heavy price. Apart for this the similarities between these to Myths are undisputable, because they basically have the same gods, but with different names or maybe different jobs to do. The Norsemen gods were gods of pride and gods that were not afraid to die and who wanted to fight the good fight.

I believe that the Norsemen gods had something to die for, where as the Greco-Roman gods had everything to live for. The Greco-Roman gods were gods who indulged in their delights and who were in a way stuck up.Both Greco-Roman and Norsemen Myths are similar in principal, but are different in meaning. The Norsemen gods seem more like people who are struggling for a common goal, and go through a lot to get their desired happiness. The Norsemen gods’ way of life is the way most people think of Mythology when they hear of it. That would be the whole good versus evil battle that supposed to take place between Heaven and Hell, but even though the Norsemen gods are not as strong as the Roman-Greco gods they are stronger in faith and that’s more important than any incredible power that the Greco-Roman gods will ever have.

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