In Jaws Terror Strikes This Terror Is What Fuels The Story When The First Attack Is Learned By The Worn Everyone Is Gripped W

In Jaws terror strikes. This terror is what fuels the story.

When the first attack is learned by the worn everyone is gripped with fear. As more die this grip tightens and slowly chokes the town. The terror starts because the killer is unseen and unknown, impossible to see and impossible to escape.

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There is also the evident amount of death involved with the shark attack. The town is soon to fail with the attack of a shark on a local water front. The first wave of terror would have to be that there is a creature living right near you but totally hidden. Less then a mile between the shark and people, the shark sees you but you will never see the shark.

Not only is it unseen but also heartless and mindless.It has a need to feast and anything in the water is fair game for it, no matter how inaccessible. People realize they kill and feel some amount of remorse or pain for what they do. A shark does not, what he eats, what he kills does not matter to it. The next wave of terror is the death. Christine Watkins went for a swim after a night of fun and out of no where the shark speeds over and takes a chunk out of her left leg.

No one sees her die but they sure do find her body, parts. Ever your mother cant protect you. When the young boy Alex Kinter begs for a little floating on his raft he never sees the monstrous beast slide up and swallow him down. When is it safe to swim when there is a large heartless beast that seems to never leave in the water.

A quick dip could be your last, a breath of fresh air could be your last word. Terror continues out of water, a community based on vacationers and the water is stopped cold when all of the water is unsafe.Business depends on custimers and with no customers business fails. The pyramid effect takes place first the vacationers do not come in fear of dying. Then local business begin to go down. After the citizens of the town dont make money.

People must move to a new place. The town dies and the shark lives on.When a large great white slowly moves in on a small waterfront town and takes a long residence there is only one reaction of the people in the town and that is terror.

A prime in escapable feeling of all people. The shark strikes in the water, the only warning is too late because then you are already dead. Feeling no pain the shark eats what, who and when it wants.