I Swear

.. st cloud and the whitest dove will bring you upon the wind of heavens love. They will pass the planets and the stars, they will leave this lonely world of ours. They will escape the sorrow and the pain and they will fly.

They need to fly because their endless journey has begun.They need to take their gentle happiness that is far too beautiful for dead and they need to cross over to the other shore. There they will find peace forevermore but hold their memories bittersweet until they meet the angels. They fly and they need not to fear. They shouldnt waste a breath or shed a tear. Their hearts are pure and their souls are free. Above the universe they will climb on beyond the hands of time.

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The moon will rise and the sun will set so dont forget. Fly where only angels sing so go now, find the light. Its All Coming Back To Me Now Celine Dion I think that this song relates to when Romeo got banished from Verona and was gone. Juliet says that there were nights when the wind was cold and he wasnt there for her.

Then there were days when the sun was so cruel that all Juliets tears turned into dust and she knew that her eyes were drying up forever. Juliet cant remember all the times that she cried.When she looks back at how Romeo touched her and held her. It is hard for her believe that everythings coming back to her. All of her feelings are flowing again. They have had great times, but there were their bad times. If she thinks of Romeos kisses and all of the whispers in her ear then it will all start to come back to her.

There were times that they spent together that seemed like went of for days.Finally Juliet realizes all that Romeo means to her. Everything that has happened to the two of them she remembers. Because You Loved Me Celine Dion I think that this song relates to when Juliet is in her deep sleep in the vault. Juliet is dreaming about all the times Romeo has been with her and all the truth that he made her see. For everything that has gone wrong and he has fixed.

She loves Romeo so much for her dream he made come true.Also for all the love that he had. Romeo is the one who held her up to never let her fall. The love that she has for Romeo pushed her through it all. He is Juliets strength when she is weak, is her voice when she cant speak, and he is her eyes when she couldnt see. He saw the best there was in Juliet. Romeo lifted her up when she couldnt reach and gave her faith to go on.Juliet is everything that she is because she loves Romeo.

He gave her wings so she could fly, touched her hand so she could touch the sky, when she lost her faith he gave it back to her. Juliet had his love so she was very content. He was the wind that carried her over her problems and his love was a light in the dark shining his love into her life. Romeo is Juliets everything. Falling Into You Celine Dion I think this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet are dancing. Juliet sees ribbons of colors in his eyes.

She can vision them together in the future. She feels herself creeping into him. She hears someone say Whats his or hers and she can tell that she is going to fall in love with him. She says that her dreams may come true and it feels so good falling into love. Juliet was afraid to let Romeo inside of her heart.

Now she knows that love takes time and happiness. Their love is falling so quick that it is falling like a star and leaf. She wants to make sure that Romeo will be there with her always so she can trust herself to fall. Even the slightest time that their away is the time that they miss. All My Life K Ci & JoJo I think that this song relates to the entire play of Romeo and Juliet.Romeo will never find someone that he loves so much in his entire life.

He wont find anyone more precious to him that Juliet. She is just like a part of his family to him. Juliet is his one and only, his everything. Romeos whole life he has prayed for someone like Juliet and he thanks god that he finally found her.He hopes that someday she will feel the same way. Romeo promised her that she would always be the only one. He cherishes every moment that they are together. Juliet is all that Romeo has ever known and as she smiles all he sees is the glow.

Juliet turned his life around from depression to joyful.Ill Make Love To You Boyz 2 Men I think that this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet have to consummate their marriage that night in Juliets room. This is what I think is going on. I think that he is telling her to make a wish about anything and to blow the candle light out. That night was just their night and they are going to celebrate through the night. They pour the wine and light the fire and anything Juliet asks him to do, Romeo will do.He is going to concentrate on only Juliet and they know that its going to be a long night. They throw their clothes on the floor.

Romeo made plans to be with her and that is were hes always going to stay. Romeo wants her to make a wish on their night and anything that she asks he will give her for the love of her life. How Do I Live Leann Rimes I think that this song relates to when Juliet finds out that Romeo has been banished.

Juliet asks herself how she is going to get through one day without Romeo. She knows now that she has to live without him. What kind of life would that be for her? She needs to be in his arms, she needs to hold him and love him. Romeo is her world, her heart, and her soul.

He is going to take away everything good in her life. How will she live without him? How will she breathe without him? How is she going to survive? Romeo is the sun in her sky, there would be no love in her life.Juliet would be lost if she lost Romeo. Juliet would die without Romeo being there with her. I Could Fall In Love Selena I think that this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet first meet at the Capulet party. Juliet says that she may lose her heart tonight because she might give it away to Romeo. The way that she feels about Romeo is very strong.

She could take him in her arms and never let him go. She can only wonder how touching him will make her fell. If she takes the chance of loving him now, tomorrow will he want her still? She is falling in love with Romeo and she guesses she should try to do what she should do. She doesnt know whether she should keep it to herself or let it all out. Only then will Juliet refuse to let him go.Dreaming of you Selena I think that this song relates to when Romeo and Juliet are at their own homes after the Capulet party.

Juliet has stayed awake with she believes that the whole world is sleeping. All she can think of is Romeo. Juliet hopes and prays that Romeo is lying awake at the same moment thinking of her. When she finally falls asleep she dreams about Romeo.

There is no one that she loves more than Romeo. There is nowhere that she would rather be than there in her room dreaming about her and Romeo. She wonders if he ever sees her and wonders if he knows that she is there. All so wants to do is hold him so close but all see has are dreams of him.

She cant stop dreaming of Romeo.Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton I think that this song relates to when Romeo finds out Juliet is dead. He asks questions. He wants to know if Juliet would know his name if he saw her in heaven. Would there lives be the same as they were if he saw her in heaven. He knows that it will be hard to go on and he is fighting his pain over her death.

Juliet would hold his hand if she saw him in heaven. He wants to know if she would help him survive if he saw her in heaven. Romeo knows that time can bring him down, time can bend your knee, and time can break your heart. He knows that beyond that door of heaven there is great peace. So then he knows there will be no more tears in heaven.Dreamlover Mariah Carey I think that this song relates to the immature personality of Juliet. Juliet needs a lover to give her the kind of love that will always last.

She needs someone spirited to take her away. She needs someone who knows her and understands how she feels inside. Juliet wants someone to comfort and hold her through the long and lonely nights.Someone to be by her side all of the time.

Juliet needs her dreamlover to come rescue her so he can take her any where he wants her to be. She needs him greatly, so wont he please come around because she wants to spend forever with him. Juliet cant stand the pretenders they always try to disillusion her by whispering words of forever, and playing with her mind.